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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

    debated at this point in our history than medical marijuana. I strongly believe that medical marijuana is not necessary and can do more harm in a community than it will ever do good. This paper will serve to show the pros and cons of medical marijuana by addressing the negative outcomes associate with it as well as refuting common arguments in favor of medical marijuana while proposing implementation of a law at the federal level to combat medical marijuana. First, it should be obvious to all…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

    question across American is should marijuana be legalized? Medical marijuana has already been legalized in Washington, Alaska and Colorado. By legalizing marijuana in the United States, we will see our existing problems worsen, which is why we must keep marijuana illegal. Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used. Petition drives all over Michigan are being launched to loosen the restriction of marijuana and several cities have already loosened their laws on marijuana. This is a mind…

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  • Yes Or No To Marijuana Research Paper

    Yes or No to Marijuana? Marijuana legalization has been a big issue in the United State that everybody has talked about for a long time .Marijuana is a plant which is used for medical uses and personal pleasure; it 's also been an old medicine in some cultures in old centuries. It can help people who have cancers or super hyper person or mentality issues, and chronic pain. In early 2012, two states in the USA have legalized marijuana, these two states view of point that marijuana isn 't more…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

    Recent literature shows marijuana may cause: an increase in infectious disease, cancer, oral diseases, pulmonary infections, heart disorders, neurologic disorders, renal and urological dysfunction, nausea and vomiting, infertility, and nutritional concerns (Adam Gordon et al., 2013), but these correlations have not been proven. If marijuana is legalized, scientist and doctors can study the drug further to confirm or deny these potential symptoms. If marijuana truly is hazardous, legalization…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Marijuana As A Medicine

    Settle 3 The use of cannabis as a medicine began in 2737 BC (Earleywine 26). All over the world marijuana had been used for many medical purposes: Emperor Shen Neng prescribed it for many ailments. These treatments grew more popular in all of Asia and down the coast of Africa. Religious uses developed in certain sects of Hinduism in India. By the 1500s, some Europeans had mentioned the plant’s medicinal use. In the 1842, Irish physician William O’Shaughnessy published medical experiments…

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  • Legalizing Marijuana Ethical Dilemma

    not marijuana should become legal should be viewed as an ethical dilemma due to the number of questions, issues, pros and cons that arise when thinking about whether or not marijuana should become legalized. This question influences society as a whole due to the large controversy and arguments that arise for the legalization of marijuana and against the legalization of marijuana. The question of whether or not we should legalize marijuana is a dilemma that must be analyzed because marijuana…

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  • Legalizing Marijuana

    Legalizing Marijuana Legalized Marijuana can be helpful in all types of ways. Legalizing will further prevent teens from smoking marijuana and will protect people from smoking laced cannabis without their knowledge. However, those against it rely heavily on the fact that there is a possibility that marijuana can cause brain damage, but on the other hand, it can also cure types of pain and aid those with certain diseases. Selling marijuana to teens is a popular trend throughout the Unites States…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

    The topic of marijuana legalization has been fought over for many years. There are many opposing viewpoints, so many that even major news outlets vary in their views. The Washington Times writes a very contradicting article in hopes of swaying people to stay away from marijuana. Starting in paragraph one, they assert their opinion by stating “celebrating the medical benefits, if any...” They also purposefully accuse pot heads of “blowing smoke” at them but is such a controversial topic to be…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

    Medical Marijuana Controversy usually makes for a good discussion because there are always pros and cons and sometimes questionable ethics. This happens to be true about the controversial topic of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has been part of human history for at least four thousand years. Over time it has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Today Marijuana is illegal in the United States but in other countries it is legal. However, numerous states…

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  • Legalization On Drugs

    Marijuana has been quickly gaining favor in the United States, and many citizens are pushing for its legalization for recreational use. States like Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and The District of Colombia have already legalized it and it is time for North Carolina to do the same. Though the War on Drugs has been in effect for the past 40 years, it is time for Marijuana to no longer be considered an illegal substance. Never the less, it should still be a controlled substance subject to…

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