Cons Of Legalization Of Marijuana

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Cannabis is also known as marijuana. It is intended to use for psychoactive drug or medicine. Marijuana is made from dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. Marijuana policies are rapidly developing. In 1969 only 12 percent Americans were in favor of use, marijuana but today, 51 percent to 61% Americans provision its legalization. Marijuana is illegal under federal law of 2016. In order to reduce the criminal penalties for the possession of little amounts of marijuana (Normal, 2016). Now 23 states, including Columbia legalized marijuana for medical usage purpose. Since 2012 four US states, Alaska, Colorado, Washington State and Oregon legislated to allow for sale of marijuana for non- medical purpose use. The debate on marijuana regulation …show more content…
The possession of marijuana is illegal in U.S. Federal government and state regulate the law and policies and issue licence about marijuana, drugs and alcohol.
Pros and Cons of legalization of Marijuana:
On the advantage side is safety of control market. That will help to create jobs through sales tax of marijuana. Secondly, Patients and health providers to give access to marijuana without obligating criminality. But it increases attention about general public safety.
1. Local
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In case for using marijuana for recreational purpose. Every eight seconds FBI arrests, one person for use of small amounts of marijuana. So offenders subject to fine or send jail for further prosecution latterly they deport from the country. Also they are having a problem finding the job. Because they were evicted in small criminal activity for using of marijuana. In order to reduce the criminal activity or ratio over 21 years old, adults allow to use less than one ounce small amount of marijuana for personal use that will not be considered to any regulatory or criminal activity. Although, permanent residents who wish to travel outside of the country after being convicted in marijuana offence also considered the problems their return to the United States. Since 1995-2011 nearly 663,000 people were arrested in marijuana offences. (Donlan and Thomas 2013). It has advantages as well now people use marijuana with different products police would not be able to take any action against them. Instead of crime rate decrease it will increase. According to federal law on workplace is restrict the consumption of marijuana by employees also marijuana would include in a marijuana manufacturing products in agreement, according to regulations that shall not be considered an

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