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  • Lifting The Corporate Veil Case Study

    Lord Sumption states that lifting the corporate veil is a convenient expression that the courts have granted rights to disregard separate legal personality of incorporation from its controllers (Lexis, 2013). With the increasingly adoption of the form of corporation, there may be some issues about the abuse of the principle (Dignam & Lowry, 2012). This essay will firstly explain part of the statements of Lord Sumption in Prest v Petrol and then providing arguments for and against them based on…

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  • Essay On Brain Death

    definitions of death. The real problem arises in assembling all the broken meanings of this feared state of our lives. Defining death is not merely an issue of describing this simple term; death has greater deep-rooted consequences in emergency rooms of hospitals where technology has enabled us to reflect on a new dimension of death – brain death as opposed to the cessation of cardiovascular function. In this essay, I aim to focus on how brain death successfully determines the occurrence of…

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  • Medical Treatment And Palliative Care: A Case Study

    The standard of care the court will apply will be the widely accepted standard of competent professional practice in Australia by members of the same profession (CLA (s41(1)). (ii) If the surgeon’s legal counsel calls witnesses who testify truthfully that her techniques were widely but not universally accepted, would that information help to rebut the allegation? Yes, that information would help to rebut the allegation as professional opinion does…

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  • Business Case: Solomon Vs. Solomon & Co Ltd

    from a sole trader but one day Mr Solomon accident realise his son was interesting in doing business so Mr Solomon decide to turn his business to a limited company which is Solomon & Co. Ltd and in law a limited company is also a separate legal entity it is a legal person. Mr Solomon own 20,001 shares out of 20,007 shares and Mr Solomon give 1 shares for his family members each person 1share. Afterwards, Mr Solomon sold his business to another large company for almost $39,000. Mr Solomon…

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  • Prosecutor Misconduct Research Paper

    Prosecutor’s Misconduct VS the Wrongly Convicted Since 1989, “The National Registry of Exonerations”, founded in 2012 provides detailed information detailing all known unjustly convicted persons in the United States. “They announced that the release of the unjustly convicted hit a record high of 127 inmates being released from prison for crimes that they did not commit”. (USA Today) Today, the total of known exonerees is 1555. It goes without saying that the greatest miscarriage of justice is…

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  • Maximizing Shareholder Wealth Analysis

    of employees, but the store is owned 100%. If someone walks in, sliding on the wet floor and impales himself or herself on the chainsaw in a row, and Tom will be 100% when the man in charge of the unfortunate family disemboweled suing for wrongful death. In return for the risk. Tom retains all of the profit after tax earned from the store and can spend it any way he pleases. Always partnership one member with full responsibility. There may be members of the limited partnership with limited…

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  • Final Gift Analysis

    Death is often a hard thing to understand and very emotional for everyone who is affected by it. More times than not it is hard to react in the proper way when someone else is dealing with a death. The book “Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs and Communication of the Dying” by Maggie Callan and Patricia Kelley is all about Hospice care nurses. They tell many stories about their dying patients and their families reactions to the death process. Most of the stories show how to…

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  • Ethical Issues In Surrogates

    can be held responsible for euthanasia. Problems do arise when the surrogate(s) want to further life-sustaining treatment and the Physicians oppose it. For instant when a Physician does not want to provide treatment because it is inappropriate. The legal rule states that a malpractice test must be performed. This test looks at the Physicians “treatment decisions against the appropriate standard of medical care” which determines if any patients had injury due to treatment given by the Physician…

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  • Hart's Theory Of Coercive Orders

    positivism; this one being Austen’s of which he calls the theory of coercive orders. Essentially, the theory of coercive orders is when a political superior commands a political inferior with the backing of a threat. In what Hart details as a valid legal system, the criminal statute may be construed as a threat, however, the important difference between that and coercive orders is that the ‘threat’ of not behaving correctly in accordance with the rules applies to the entirety of the…

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  • Case Study: Plaintiff VELEZ Vs. HUDSON

    DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION 46. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff VELEZ was in a position subordinate to Defendant BESIKO with regard to her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 47. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff HUDSON was in a position subordinate to Defendant BESIKO with regard to her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 48. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff VELEZ would be given directives and take work orders from Defendant BESIKO in the course of her…

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