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  • Reflection About Street Law

    As I sit back and reflect on my time in law school, one of my proudest accomplishments is seeing how much I’ve grown as a public speaker, but something weird happened Wednesday afternoon. After completely bombing my presentation during the students’ visit to SJU I tried to make sense of what happened. The last time I was that nervous during a presentation was freshman year of college, my first public speech in a Communications class. On Wednesday, before the speech I wasn’t nervous, as I walked…

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  • Essay On Paralegal Training

    This doesn’t require you to have any particular specialization or degree such as psychology or medicine, but anybody with any degree can go this route. I Can’t Afford a College Education If you still desire to become a legal assistant, but don’t have the necessary funds to attend a community college or university, your next best effort should be to work your way into the position. There are still many law firms and government agencies that hire from within and are willing…

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  • King's Restaurant: Vicarious Liability

    TASK 7 Explain how a business can be vicariously liable Vicarious liability As a general rule vicarious liability only arises out of the employer/employee relationship, although it can be found in the principal/agent relationship and as an exceptional case in the employer/independent contractor relationship. It is dependent upon this type of special relationship being established. Vicarious liability is not a tort, it is a concept, which is used to impose strict liability on a person who…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sole Proprietorship

    Advantages of a Sole Proprietorship: There are numerous reasons why an individual would decide to begin their business up utilizing a sole proprietorship structure. Beginning a sole proprietorship is substantially less muddled than beginning a formal corporation, furthermore much cheaper. A few states permit sole proprietorships to be shaped without the twofold taxation benchmarks appropriate to generally corporations. The owner of a sole proprietorship is not needed to record a separate…

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  • Shadow Director Case Study

    To what extent should shadow directors be liable? 1.0 Separate Legal Personality and the Board 1.1 Upon incorporation, a company is recognised as a legal person with its own rights and obligations. Although, being a legal entity, it cannot operate without its organ namely, the Board of directors. The principle of limited liability flows from the concept of separate legal personality in that the assets and liabilities of the company belong to the company and not to its shareholders and…

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  • Dworkin's Theory Of Law In The Community

    importance on the court developing legal principles over time through common law. This can be somewhat linked to Dworkin’s Literary analogy. This idea would require judges in the community to have considerable discretion. This emphasises the importance of the development of precedent within the Community. Dworkin argues that the obligation…

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  • The Buffalo Creek Disaster By Gerald M Stern

    coal mining waste leading to a substantial remedy awarded to the victims of the disaster. Therefore, the books show how companies that are threatening the lives of the neighboring community may face huge losses in compensation. The book shows how legal system is sometime fair since Stern’s opponents were financially superior and outnumbered him yet he won the case. It shows how a lawyer, Stern, does a great job. The book came after a disaster in New Orleans due to maintenance negligence prior…

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  • My Experience As An Intern At The Florida Community

    As an intern at The Duval County Courthouse, I’ve learned so much about the legal profession. Initially when I started this internship, I did not know what to expect. I had a friend who completed the internship before me, and she spoke very highly of her supervisor and her overall experience there. On my first day at the courthouse, I was very nervous and instantly became intimidated by the extensive collection of books. For instance, I came across multiple books from The Florida Supreme Court…

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  • Limited Liability Partnership Essay

    Entrepreneurs have the privilege of deciding how they want their business to operate. It is obvious that success is one of the main goals, but the pace and direction to get there can be different. Business owners have to develop a structured plan that will guide them for one milestone to the next. It is beneficial for some entrepreneurs and business leaders to think heavily about what style of structure is best suited for their vision. Those styles of structure would be a sole proprietorship,…

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  • Analysis Of Hart And Hart's Theory Of Law

    This coursework will be focusing on the Hart and Fuller debate and their views on morality in law. Taking into account the questions raised on morality in the interview with Lord Justice Alan Ward regarding the ‘Re A’ case. Jurisprudential theory: H.L.A Hart: Within Hart’s theory he maintains that Law and Morality should remain separate. In one of his most famous works; ‘The Concept of Law ’ he analysis’ the relation between that is between law, coercion and morality. In order to try to…

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