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  • Consuelo Samarripa's Life

    Then love happened — she married a soldier and they moved to Hawaii, where their three children were born and returned to Killeen in 1973. She was a stay-at-home mom, but as her kids grew, she returned to college. Once she studied Latin when she wanted to be a lawyer and was the only family member to learn German when her family was stationed in Germany, so a college counselor told her she would be good at learning a new language — computer science. She received her degree and worked as a computer program analyst for an insurance software company when her life entered another…

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  • Fajitas History

    The simple, humble recipes made in their uncle's Mexican restaurant in Houston encouraged brothers, Albert and Mario Sorto, to open their own restaurant, MasFajitas 20 years ago in Caldwell. Now, their 5th Texas restaurant celebrated its grand opening in Killeen on March 13, located at 1908 E. Central Texas Expressway, the spot previously occupied by the Red Onion Indian Bistro. “We saw an opportunity for growth due to the city's population and felt that our Mexican cuisine would fit…

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  • Leo Tung-Cheng Tsai: An Easiest Subject In High School

    Leo Tung-Cheng Tsai, known as Leo, is the son of Tai Shain Cheng and Yen Gem Tsai. He also has a sister living back at home with his parents. Leo is a foreign exchange student at Paton-Churdan and he is from Taiwan. While staying in Churdan Leo stayed with Eddie Lusk and Jolene Killeen. Leo enjoyed living with his host family while residing in Churdan. One of the most exciting things that Leo saw and experienced was snow. The hardest subject while attending school here was American History. In…

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  • Influence Tactics Analysis

    Influence Tactics I have purchased over four cars in my lifetime from dealerships in Killeen, TX. Each time purchase came from a different dealer. There was one specific time that I remember that I was a target of influence tactics, which when I purchased my first vehicle. In 2009, I bought a red Mazda 3 from Cleo Bay Honda located at 3907 E Central Texas Expressway, Killeen, TX 76543. When I walked in the glass double doors I saw several men dressed in casual clothing approaching me. A man by…

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  • James Whitey Bulger Jr.: Boston's Organized Crime

    transferred to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary and, in 1963, to Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. Finally Whitey was released in 1956, after spending nine years in prison. He would not be arrested again or step foot in another jail for the next forty-six years. After Whitey got out of prison and returned to Boston, his brother, Bill, got him a job as a janitor at the Suffolk County Courthouse. Whitey would show up during the late afternoon for a few hours, poked around private offices, and then…

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  • Whitey Bulger Assassination

    In 1956, his offenses grew increasingly alarming in a large scale of culminating bank robberies. Ranging from three states between Rhode Island to Indiana. In June of 1956, he was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. He ended up serving nine years, including stints in Atlanta, Alcatraz, and Leavenworth. The reason why he ended up in Alcatraz was because during his incarceration, Bulger was accused of conspiring to escape. He was transferred there to serve the remainder of his…

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  • Example Of A Lifeguard Essay

    It has taught me this importance of hard work. Also it is important to be organized around the farm so you know where everything is and can get each job done in a timely fashion. Education Central DeWitt High School — Diploma, 2015 St. Ambrose University— Anticipated graduation date— Spring of 2019 References Penny Jacobi 563-212-2266 DeWitt Aquatic Center Manager…

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  • Las Vegas Shooting Essay

    Las Vegas Oct. 1, 2017 there was a shooting at a festival hosted at Mandalay Bay. 59 people are dead and 500+ were hurt in the shooting. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The gunman was found dead at the scene and was identified by Lombardo as Stephen Paddock. Authorities recovered a total of 42 guns belonging to the shooter. At least 23 firearms were found in his Mandalay Bay hotel suite. Orlando Florida, June 12, 2016 there was a shooting at a gay nightclub. The…

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  • Ebp Narrative Essay

    Hello, everyone, I am excited to start the post-baccalaureate program and to be in class with you. Please call me Craig, I served five years in the United States Army, and everyone called me by my last name. So I am still getting used to being called Craig again. While I was in the military I was a sergeant. I have worked with dozens soldiers who were diagnosed with PTSD. So it is a goal of mine to understand, research and develop EBP for the treatment of PTSD. My undergraduate degree is in…

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  • Experience With Divorced Parents Essay

    Throughout life, everyone experiences living without a parent. I encountered it at a young age with my father being in the military. I didn’t get the experience of moving around a lot, but that is one thing I appreciate the most. Adjusting to being away from my dad that affected me the most because it made me view life and change into the person I am today. After I was born, my dad accomplished his dream of being in the Army, so we moved to Killeen, Texas to live at Fort Hood. There we lived…

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