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  • Personal Narrative: My Bipolar Guilt

    Because of the chronic mental illness of bipolar disorder, I have guilt on sunny days; and this really sucks seeing as we’re now into summer. I know this might sound weird to your average person, but I actually prefer a rainy day to a sunny one. Rainy days don’t bring about guilt. Sunny days bring about my bipolar guilt. Bipolar Disorder Guilt and Disliking Sunny Days It’s like this: everyone loves sunny days. And why do people love sunny days? They love them because they can get out and about…

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  • Black Box Symbolism

    villagers get started for the lottery, the narrator mentions, “The black box grew shabbier each year; by now it was no longer completely black but splintered badly along one side to show the original wood color, and in some places faded and stained.” (Jackson 284). By describing the appearance of the black box, the black box symbolizes a physical manifestation of the tradition, which has been in place for many years since the black box gets “shabbier each year”. The black box is “no longer…

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  • Tess Hutchinson Character Traits

    Mrs. Tess Hutchinson, wife to Bill Hutchinson and mother of four, has stood out ever since her character was introduced. She is a unique and outgoing woman who tries desperately to fit in with the people of the town. Tess is so eager to be at the lottery but as soon as circumstances become personal, she is willing to give up anything to make sure that her destiny is a good one. Tess Hutchinson demands to be seen and heard. She arrived to the lottery quickly, covered in cleaning supplies, and…

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  • Pine Ridge Reservation Summary

    The Native Americans faced many obstacles throughout their transition to the Pine Ridge Reservation. Some of which were caused by the whites, others by their own people. These challenges caused multiple deaths of both the Native Americans and the Whites. One of the largest causes of death for the Native Americans was epidemics and diseases brought by the Whites. The Natives have grown immune or nearly immune to the conditions and diseases that have been a part of their culture in the past. When…

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  • Examples Of Ritualism In The Lottery By Michelle Jackson

    The Traditional Rituals In the story "The Lottery" Michelle Jackson provides readers with detailed descriptions of how people can follow ritual traditions so blindly without even thinking about how much sense it really makes to follow such traditions, or how it affects them or their loved ones. The name of the title makes you think that this story is about drawing numbers and winning a prize, but to my surprise it is about how small villages take part in a tradition, ritual every year to be…

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  • Boss Tweed: A Suit Of Lies

    A Suit of Lies Boss Tweed was an individual who began well, just like most people. However, after he began to enjoy power and money so much that he was willing to go along with the standards of the Gilded Age, he became nasty and defiant, as evidenced by two of his quotes referenced by several websites. Before William Magear Tweed was adversely affected by his authority, he was an ordinary man. He was born in April of 1823, and grew up in New York City. Like many Americans, Tweed had European…

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  • Im Coming Over Analysis

    I'm Coming Over Album Review I'm Coming Over is the sixth studio album by the country singer Chris Young. This album consists of eleven authentic country songs and includes duets with Cassadee Pope and Vince Gill. I'm Coming Over is an album which contains a collection of songs rather than a continuous stream of thought because the songs cover a wide variety of topics and emotions. Chris Young was twenty-eight at the time of the release of I'm Coming Over. Young grew up in Murfreesboro…

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  • What Is The First Seminole's War?

    tribes that were in Alabama at the time revolted against the settlers, “the brutal repression and disastrous treaty forced upon them by General Andrew Jackson sent thousands of the most determined warriors and their families migrating southward to take refuge in Spanish Florida.” This of course refers to the First Seminole War (1814-18) when Andrew Jackson was too ambitious at trying to control the Indian problem. While there they merged with the tribes that have lived there for thousands of…

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  • Shirley Jackson The Lottery Visual Analysis

    "The Lottery" Visual Analysis Shirley Jackson was born on December 14, 1919, in San Fransisco, California. She graduated from Syracuse University in 1940. Her most famous work is "The Lottery", which one the "O Henry Prize Stories". Her other works include a children's novel "Nine Magic Wishes", two humorous memoirs called "Raising Demons" and "Life Among the Savages". She has garnered multiple Best American Short Stories. Majority Of Shirley Jackson's work is very odd and macabre that has…

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  • Roscoe Village History

    Dawes Arboretum and Roscoe Village are alike with the powerful history behind them. Dawes Arboretum and Roscoe Village is a major attraction, but they are also different to. Dawes Arboretum is a nature preservation while Roscoe Village is a historical town. Dawes Arboretum has powerful history behind its upcoming. Dawes Arboretum was established in 1929. Beman Dawes bought one hundred forty acres of the Brumback Farm in the Licking Township. The farm was known as “Woodland.” “Beman felt the…

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