Compare And Contrast One Direction And The British Boy Band

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In the music industry, their happens to be a lot of competition between different young male singers. One of the most famous competition is between the British boy band One Direction, and Justin Bieber. Both of these artists are very famous and popular to teenage girls all around the world. Almost everybody has heard about both of these artists and they are both definitely breaking records. Their fans, the Beliebers, and the Directioners are sometime caught in a battle of who is the better and more popular artist. So the real question is, who is better?
The British boy band One Direction was put together on the UK version of the X factor. They all tried out as solo artists, but when they did not make it through boot camp, Simon Cowell thought
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One directions first single, What Makes You Beautiful, reached number one on the Scottish Singles Chart, UK Singles Chart, and Irish Singles Chart. Justin Biebers first single, One Time, never reached number one on any charts, but came very close. Both singles were on the Billboard Hot 100. What Makes You Beautiful reached number four, while One Time only reached number seventeen. One Direction's single was on 24 music charts all around the world and earned ten certifications, and Justin Bieber's single was on 16 music charts, and earned four certifications. One Direction clearly beat Justin Bieber on the reaction and rankings to their first single. Madison Square Garden only books the most popular and famous artists in the world. Justin Bieber preformed their on August, 31st 2010, and sold out the arena in 22 minutes. Due to the high demand of One Direction, they will be preforming at Madison Square Garden December, 3rd, 2012 and sold it out in less then one minute, breaking the record, and beating Justin Bieber's time as well. Justin’s first album, My World, was ranked number five on the U.S Billboard 200, and sold 137,00 copies in the first week. One directions first album Up All Night was ranked number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and sold 176,000 copies in the first week, beating Justin Bieber yet …show more content…
Even though Justin Bieber has been famous for about four years, and One direction only about two, One Direction has clearly stepped up as artists to even beat Justin Bieber. Although Justin has reached 21 million followers on twitter, far more then One Direction has, he has been out and famous for two more years then the British boy band has. Directioners and Beliebers will probably never be able to settle their differences due to their dedication to each

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