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  • Miep Gies Is A Hero Essay

    The Holocaust, it was a huge event in national history, and it affected thousands of people. In June of 1942, with the dreaded situation for the Jews, the Franks decided to go into hiding in secret in their office building. Along with a few others, Miep Gies agreed to be a "helper," to them, by bringing them food that she would collect from different food sources, with illegal ration cards her husband had procured as part of the Dutch resistance. Miep and her colleagues also made sure that the building was in a low-profile, so that suspicion was not brought amongst them. At their suggestion, Miep and a woman named Jan even spent a night with the eight people in hiding upstairs, where she said, "The fright...was so thick I could feel it pressing down on me." She and her “co-workers” were able to keep the family hidden for over two years, but eventually they were betrayed. The annex was overcome by the Nazis on August 4, 1944, and the people were sent to concentration…

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  • Anne Frank Essay

    had her father, mother, sister, the Van Daans, Miep, Mr. Dussel, and many more. Because of all of the love in her life, Anne knew she had to be nice somewhere in her heart, and once again, believed the same of others. She believed this because of her character. For example, on Hanukkah, while they were living in the annex, Anne gave everyone gifts that she put together herself. Much of her heart was poured out into these gifts, and she thought them through very well. A person that is not kind or…

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  • In Spite Of Everything I Still Believe People Are Good At Heart Analysis

    why Anne would have thought that people were really good at heart. One prime example is Miep Gies. She helped the Franks even though she was not faithful in the Jewish religion. This shows that people may not believe in the same things as you, but deep in their heart, they are willing to help anyone in need. The group of people hiding in the secret annex definitely was in need. They had no way of getting food or any other supplies. This is where Miep came in to help them. She brought them the…

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  • In Spite Of Everything I Really Good At Heart Essay

    Anne Frank once stated that, "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart." These were the words she had written in her diary days right before she was captured and taken away to a concentration camp. Anne Frank was one of the many Jewish people who went into hiding during the Holocaust. Her family and the Van Daan's lived together in the Annex. They were all one-day captured and taken to concentration camps. The only one that survived was Otto Frank, Anne's father.…

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  • Anne Frank: The Most Memorable Victim Of The Holocaust

    into the annex early in the morning to avoid employees arriving for work. The family moved into the space above her father’s business in Amsterdam on Prinsengracht 263, a space where they could hide. They had to sit quietly upstairs during the work hours 8:30- 5:30, with an hour break from 12:30- 1:30; only moving, usually, to go to the bathroom, which was done with caution and without flushing or washing your hands. They had some of his employees bring groceries and necessities, only the…

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  • Anne Frank: Over 1 Million Children Died In The Holocaust

    was Amsterdam (“Anne”). The Frank family then lived a normal life in Amsterdam for around six years before they were forced to go into hiding (“Anne”). But when Margot received a letter to report to a work camp, Otto Frank realized he had to hide his family (“Anne Frank”). After a week of hiding, they were joined by Otto’s associate Herman Van Pels, and his wife and son, August and Peter, who were also jews (“Anne Frank”). The place where these people lived was merely an attic which Anne called…

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  • Effects Of Apartheid In South Africa

    time in the country’s history. The racial lines between workers became a source of great contention and South Africa experienced serious labour strikes and industrial action. This payed on white fears that Africans were becoming too powerful, and in turn made Afrikaner voters especially likely to respond to the Nationalist Party’s warning of ‘swart gevaar’ black danger. The effects of WW2 also enabled the regrowth of African nationalists, which in turn aggravated the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Fifth Child

    Nature leaves me in complete and utter awe. The ability to frighten, calm and excite men and women at all levels amazes me. I think in every person, nature seems to have affected him or her in one way or another. Nature has allowed me to escape from the buzzing chaos of a large family lifestyle. I take my place as the fifth child of my parents. Being the fifth child also means I am the oldest girl and am in the very middle of nine kids. Business and echoing voices are constant at my house. I…

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  • John Wycliffe's Influence On The Church

    preachers.” This idea was the idea of “poor preachers” who live modest lifestyles. Finally in 1382, he decided to begin translating the Vulgate into an English Bible because he thought that every man should be able to read it for themselves. He also had his first stroke in 1382. He was never excommunicated from the church, but he began living a more quiet life while living in Lutterworth. The he had a stroke in 1384 and this one paralyze him, then three days later he passed away. He never…

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  • Third Places Research Paper

    According to Oldenburg (1999) the term third place is used to “describe the public spaces used for informal social interaction outside of the home and workplace.” (Soukup, p.421). Third places are public spaces that provided “unique functions within a local community.” Oldenburg’s criteria for traditional third spaces stated that they must be on a neutral ground, must be social leveler, must be accessible, driven by communication, must have regulars, and a playful mood. Furthermore, third…

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