Anne Frank: Over 1 Million Children Died In The Holocaust

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Anne Frank Essay “Over 1.1 million children died in the Holocaust” (Lehnardt). All of these poor children had a life, a family, a goal, and all the other things that life offered. But because of one man, Adolf Hitler, their hopes and dreams were crushed. Especially since children were particularly targeted because if they lived, they would be the next generation of Jews(Lehnhardt). Among these poor children, was Anne Frank. Even though the Holocaust was a terrible event, if it wouldn’t of occurred, then we would not know about Anne Frank and her life experiences. Anneliese Marie Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany to Otto & Edith Frank, who were typical upper-middle class German-Jews (“Anne”). Anne also had an older sister, …show more content…
He quickly realized he had to move his family somewhere safe. Somewhere where he and his family could once again have a normal life. He decided that the place for his family was Amsterdam (“Anne”). The Frank family then lived a normal life in Amsterdam for around six years before they were forced to go into hiding (“Anne”). But when Margot received a letter to report to a work camp, Otto Frank realized he had to hide his family (“Anne Frank”). After a week of hiding, they were joined by Otto’s associate Herman Van Pels, and his wife and son, August and Peter, who were also jews (“Anne Frank”). The place where these people lived was merely an attic which Anne called “The Secret Annex” (“Anne”). A small group of Otto’s employees risked their lives to sneak in food and information about the outside world for the two families (“Anne”). These brave and courageous people were Kelinman and Kuglar, as well as Jan and Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl (“Anne”). Life for all of these people in such a small space must have been tense. Especially when all of them had different thought and opinions on everything. But, to pass time, Anne wrote about her experiences in her diary, which she called “Kitty”, that she had received for her 13th birthday a month before hiding. But, when after 25 months of hiding, they were discovered by Gastopo, who had figured out the hiding place from an anonymous tipster, the Frank’s life instantly changed (“Anne

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