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  • Tata Steel Zoological Park Essay

    publicity for the zoo. 6) Implement an employee recognition initiative to reward performance. 7) On a long-term horizon, invest the net profits into the CZA-required renovations. Rationale: Tata Steel established the Tata Steel Zoological Park to protect animals, and to educate and entertain the local Jamshedpur community. If the current loss-making situation continues, the zoo will be unable to meet those objectives and therefore, would have to be shut down. The 7 recommendations ensure that this is avoided. The financial performance of the zoo can be improved by extending hours to operations by taking into account the sunrise and sunset times of Jamsehdpur. If the zoo was to extend hours from 8:00AM to 7:00PM (April to September), as daylight ends closer to 7:00PM, and from 8:00AM to 6:00PM for the rest of the year, more people will want to visit the zoo during weekdays after office and school hours, and in the relatively cooler-evenings during the hot and humid months. (Time and Date, 2016). Furthermore, assuming that the zoo currently uses a standard ticket fare of INR 7.10, it is advised that Chakraborty charges INR 15 and INR 10 for adults and children respectively. As Jamshedpur is one of the top 10 prosperous cities in India, has a middle-class to upper-middle-class population, which invariably has a high disposable income with limited sources of entertainment within the city, the zoo can easily get away with charging those still relatively-cheap prices. The…

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  • Tata Sports Case Study

    project areas. Current TFA Objective: Provide the mainstream of national football with a perennial pool of young footballers trained and oriented to international standards. Does the existing Sports Objective Hinder the TFA Objective? The fact that Tata Steel supports young talent only in areas of Operation and Upcoming project areas is a major drawback as the Feeder Clubs which support the Academies are only based in a few areas. Sports Objective 2024: To have the best Sports Infrastructure in…

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  • Tata Share Case Study

    other hotels. He set his mind of building this hotel after being denied from entry in one the hotels because he was an Indian. It attracted lot of crowd which gathered to see just the building light. SIR DORAB TATA In 19th May 1904, Jamsetji died and the chairmanship was passed to Dorab Tata who took an initiative to turn his father's dream into reality. Dorab Tata married Meherbai in the yea 1897. In 1911, seven years after Jamsetji's death, Dorab Tata had set up an institution, Indian…

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  • Ethical Leadership Model

    generation Indica, power steering pump and noises issues of new generation Indica Vista, Tata Nano going up in smokes and flames etc. Considering the case of Tata Nano, after having had a spate of bad news (JLR acquisiution issues and commercial vehicles market slowdown), the company wanted Nano out as quickly as possible causing an lot of pressure from top management to launch it even though they had concerns about noise, vibration and harshness of the engine. The opportunity for illuminating…

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  • Tata Steel Swot Analysis

    Aligning with the 2.9 million tonnes per annum brownfield expansion at Jamshedpur and greenfield expansion at Odisha, investments have been made in the supply chain logistics integrated with its downstream expansion initiatives. The raw material used in steel making, accounting for 60-70% of the cost, poses a key risk as it may be subject to supply disruption and market price volatility. The Company maintains significant integration of raw materials for its Indian operations and strategic…

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  • Elor India Case Study

    Development. He has worked in companies such as Nestle India Ltd, Bharti Airtel Ltd and Sodexo On-Site Services. At Bharti Airtel Ltd, Tilak held positions of Regional HR Head, Head – OD & Workforce and Head – Talent Management and Development where he designed, developed and implemented Career Path principles for employees across different functions in the unit and managed Talent Review process. At Sodexo, Rajanna successfully managed employee life cycle of Regular and Fixed Term Contract and…

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  • The Tata State: Case Study Of Harley Davidson

    NOTE: The selection criteria & eligibility also contains details for the current year as used by the company in 2015 TAS Applicant Eligibility Criteria 1.) In-House Process: • Minimum Educational Qualification - Graduate in any discipline • Work experience - 2-6 years as on 1st April 2015 • TAS applicant should be currently employed with a Tata Group Company for a minimum period of 2 years and completed 2 appraisal cycles. • TAS applicant should have a valid GMAT score and GMAT score taken to…

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  • Diversity And Inclusion

    sensitization handbook for recruiters and special incentives for hiring agencies on every successful female hire  Sensitization through various medium like – workshop on Power of Inclusive Management, town hall sessions namely- “Zubaani” and “MOSAIC Speak” and various other creative campaigns such as flash mobs, skits, posters, mass mailers, theme based contests etc.  Catering to the rising needs of the present workforce to have a healthy work life balance and improve engagement, Tata Steel…

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  • Dhamra Port Case Analysis

    This second phase of development will take the port’s capacity to more than 100 million tonnes by 2020 and therefore allow Adani Ports to fulfil its stated vision of becoming a 200 million tonne ports business well before the year 2020. Mundra, the largest port in the country, recently crossed the 100 million tonne mark in annual cargo handling. The Adani group owns five ports and is developing ports in Kandla and Ennore. Adani Ports is country’s largest port operator with its flagship Mundra…

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  • Live Case Study: Narayana Hrudayalaya Foundation (HR)

    Ltd changed its brand name to Narayana Health. NHF campus is at Bangalore. NHF has network of 23 hospitals which includes multispecialty and super special-ity healthcare facilities with 7 heart centres (super speciality units) across 18 locations in India and one multispecialty hospital in Cayman Islands. NHF operates on green field model and with global firms, JPMorgan and American International Group as its investors. In just over 14 years of its founding Today NHF group currently has a…

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