Tata Share Case Study

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Based on J.N. Tata and J.R.D. Tata

The main purpose of establishing TATA GROUP was to improve the quality of life of the communities.
Their core values direct the growth and business of Tata companies. Their core values were -
1. Integrity - Conduct the business with honesty and transperancy

2. Excellence – To achieve high standards in the quality of goods and services.

3. Understanding - Must me caring, show respect humanity and compassion towards employees, customers and shareholders.

4. Unity – Maintain unity among the employees, customers and also maintain strong relationsips.

5. Responsibility – Be responsible towards our country, communities and environment.


Jamsetji Nusserwanji
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He was the son of Bapuji and Virbaiji Saklatwala. He worked closely with Dorabji Tata. Being a cricket player, he was the first chairman of the Cricket Club of India.

He died suddenly in the year 1938 due to heart attack.


After Sir, Nawroji Saklatwala's death, JRD Tata was the next chairperson of the Tata Group. JRD was a french born India. He led the Tata Group for 53 years. He married a French and later after marriage changed her name to Sooni.

In 1925, JRD joined Tata Group as an unpaid apprentice. He was on the board of Tata Sons at the age of 25.

Passionate about aviation, he was the first Indian who was granted a pilot's license in 1929. He was known as the Father of Indian Civil Aviation.

In 1932, he founded India's first commercial airlines – Tata Airlines. Later, in 1946, it was named Air India. The first Indian aviation took off from Drigh Road in Karachi.

Taking over as the chairman from Nowroji, under him, the Tata Group expanded into various sectors like automobiles, chemicals, tea and also information technology.

In the year 1936, JRD Tata founded the Tata Institute of Social Science.

In 1939, he founded Tata Chemicals Limited at Mithapur in Gujarat and is the producer soda

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