William Durant's Role In The Automobile Industry

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William Durant
Cars. One of America’s prized possessions. Without these inventions, we would not have the ease of transportation we do now. William Durant deserves a place in history because he was one of the most involved in the production of automobiles.
His motivation to get involved in this business came to him while he was still in the carriages business. A carriage salesman he worked with convinced him to buy a Buick when he could not pay (Gale Biography). This led him to believe that the automobile industry was worth a lot.
He soon realized that transportation would quickly be transferred over to cars, so he changed his attitude about the contraptions ad got involved in the business (Thomas Carson and Mary Bonk).
He saw that
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He did this only to sacrifice it to enter the car
WILLIAM DURANT 3 business after he had made it into the largest carriage business (Encyclopedia of World Biography).
From a young age he had been bred to work and had always had a charismatic way about him while he was selling merchandise.
William Durant did not have a very successful career in the automobile industry. He had originally been the founder of the biggest carriage company before he switched to Buick in 1904 when the Model 10 had brought a lot of money and business (Geist, Laura Clark). After this fails, he raised $7 million from friends and family in order to enter the automobile industry once again
(Gale Biography). He eventually sold enough from Chevrolet to grab the interest of General
Motors, which was one of the largest american enterprises of the time (Encyclopedia of World
Biography). Unfortunately most of his attempts in the industry failed, though he did grab the attention of important people and continue his knack for selling people on what he was doing.
William Durant had arguably been one of the most successful businessmen in the US.
Although he did not have much luck in the automobile industry, he did contribute quite a bit

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