Analysis Of Peter Schuttler's Wagon Company

Peter Schuttler, also known as the wagon king, was an entrepreneur and a knowledgeable business man that had a booming business that lasted from eighteen forty-three to the nineteen twenties. Peter Schuttler, born on December 22, 1812 in Wachenheim, Germany, emigrated from Germany to the United States. Peter Schuttler was only 22 when he emigrated from Germany. During the first few years living in the United States, Peter worked as a wagon maker in Sandusky, Ohio. After ten years of working as a wagon maker, Peter went on to form one of the largest wagon businesses in the history of the United States of America, the Peter Schuttler Wagon Company. Peter’s wagon company helped pave the way for the interest of transportation and exploration of …show more content…
Without these wagons, much of the exploration done in America during this time may not have been possible. These strong and durable wagons help lead the way to American exploration. Though the company was made obsolete due to the uprise of the auto-mobile, one should not discount the fact that the Peter Schuttler wagon greatly helped American exploration. Many historians refer Peter Schuttler as “The Great Wagon King”. Historians felt as though Peter and his wagons helped increase exploration in America. This statement could not be truer. Peter Schuttler had the best design for a wagon at the time and was very successful at what he did. The fact that he was great at what he did is made evident by how many wagons he sold, how much money he made, and how well his company was liked. Even after Peter Schuttler’s death, his legacy was still carried on by his son, Peter Schuttler II. Peter Schuttler II continued to sell quality wagons under the Peter Schuttler Wagon Company. Even after his death, his son, Peter Schuttler III, took over the family business. Peter Schuttler III became chief executive of the company. He continued to produce wagons while having employed around three hundred workers. Sadly, Once the automobile came into popularity, the Schuttler legacy ended in the late nineteen twenties. The fact that even after Peter’s death, his legacy was still carried on until the very end. The history of the Peter Schutter and his company will live on the history of America

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