Beauregard's Battle Analysis

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Of course, Beauregard would not have this and asked his friends to petition Davis to have him regain his position, but Davis was still angry and Pierre and quoted "If the whole world were to ask me to restore General Beauregard to the command which
I have already given to General Bragg, I would refuse it." (Davis). Davis Assigned Beauregard back at Charleston and was given control of coastal defenses replacing John C. Pemberton.
Beauregard was not too happy about this and felt as though he should be in command of one of the great Confederate field armies. Even though he was unhappy he was successful in preventing the capture of Charleston. They were said to have extremely good aim with their artilleries thanks to Beauregard. All of
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This was by far his greatest combat performance in the war. Petersburg was eventually captured and Beauregard retreated, where Davis offered him a position of being in control of the Army of
Tennessee. He took the position, but in the end, couldn’t do much with his short time there. He had become ill and was eventually replaced by Joseph Johnston. He of course was not happy with this but had no choice but to submit and let this happen. This would be the last of his military career.
After the Civil War Beauregard, being the proud man, he was, was not happy with having to swear loyalty in public, but Lee and Johnston counseled him into it and he eventually swore his
“Loyalty”. He got a job as chief engineer and general superintended of the New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad, but once he was promoted to president of the company he was kicked out by a hostile takeover. This did not stop him, and he soon became president of the New
Orleans and Carrollton Street Railway where he had invented ways to use cable-powered street railway cars. Unfortunate once again he was fired once he had made the company profitable by the stock holders who wished to take direct management of the

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