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  • Jane Jacobs: Badass

    Jane Jacobs: Badass Jane Jacobs was the arguably the most influential architect of her time. Jacobs was an architect with a purpose. Her contributions to society, many and varied, were all motivated by her love for urbanism, community and the combination of the two. I believe her success can be very much attributed to her deep passion for her community. Her passion and enthusiasm drove all of her work. Not only was she an architect, but also a journalist, author, activist, wife and mother. Because of her many roles in her community, she had a special drive to preserve her neighborhood, fueling her batter with Robert Moses in 1961. Jane Jacob’s Path To Greenwich Village Jane Jacobs grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the early 20s. She was…

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  • Essay On Jane Jacobs

    and social value throughout the United States. Jane Jacobs, a woman with no political or neighborhood planning background began fighting against the bulldozer mentality in New York City that sought to construct highways and skyscrapers, which displaced many individuals, particularly minority groups. While the word placemaking was not realized until the late 20th century, Jacobs initiated this movement, gaining support from residents of the city. In this project, I intend to reveal how Jane…

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  • Jane Jacobs Ethos

    out and disconnected from the text. Stay rooted in the Jacobs. By dividing groups into different camps, members of both camps develop a strong “us vs. them” mentality, which, when utilized effectively, is one of the most powerful persuasive techniques. In Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jacobs explores microcosms of cities to argue what succeeds and fails in city planning. Moreover, she challenges contemporary city planners, who she contends rely on idealistic,…

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  • Jane Jacobs Case Study

    Paradigm Changes: Vernacular in Time of Jane Jacobs and New Urbanism New Urbanist principles and the values they engender have align with the apparent revival of U.S. neoconservatism over the recent decades. This is evident in the close tie between New Urbanism’s brand of urban values and its explicitly stated desire to return to certain past; the vernacular. This unbroken trend towards increasing economies of scale at the economic and organizational levels have since been enjoying increasing…

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  • Garden City Jane Jacobs Analysis

    What are the goals of the “orthodox” urban planners (Garden Cities” theorists, Le Corbusier etc.) whom Jacob criticizes? Jane Jacobs throughout Chapter 1 of “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” explains her philosophy regarding urban planning that is centered around using the successes and failures of existing cities as a paradigm for urban planning and design. Jacobs claims that cities “are an immense laboratory of trial and error” in which city planning should be based off of…

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  • Privacy In The City By Jane Jacob Analysis

    Jane Jacob starts off chapter 3 talking about judgment and the profound misunderstanding of cities. She compares testimonial banquet to the social life of city sidewalks since they are both public and bring people together. The city sidewalks are used for various reasons from meeting someone, socializing and even public contact. Trust is also very important for sidewalks so that they can be safe places to contact. A matter of city privacy is talked about throughout the entire chapter. Privacy…

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  • Relationship Between Economy And Ecology By Jane Jacob

    Ecology Economy and Ecology are sometimes presented to have conflicting interests with each other. Even though in the text, Damn Another Ecologist by Jane Jacob, it states that the economy means house management as ecology means house knowledge. Knowing ecology is important to operate the economy smoothly since the study of nature helps us maintain and balance our living arrangement for now and the future. Economy is mainly focused on finance and making a profit and Ecology mainly focuses on the…

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  • Summary Of Death And Life Of Great American Cities By Jane Jacobs

    In Jane Jacobs’ book The Death and Life of Great American Cities , the author mainly focuses on the following three arguments: first, a city should have its complex structures. Planners should not create new structures by breaking the connections between the existing structures. Second, a city must contain diversity. Different districts should show various functions to become vital. Third, like human, city also grows and have its characteristics. Those patterns can not be manipulated by people. …

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  • Essay On The Women In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    Women Who Made a Difference Women, while often portrayed as unimportant to the hero’s success or failure, were sometimes the catalyst that aligned the hero with fate. Siduri, in The Epic of Gilgamesh, gave Gilgamesh the information he needed to complete his quest for immortality. It was, however, her words of wisdom that ultimately offered the answers he sought. Rebekah, in The Old Testament, executed a plan so Jacob, rather than Esau, received his father’s blessing. When Esau vowed to kill…

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  • Theme Of Forgiveness In The Book Of Genesis

    strong.” Throughout The Book of Genesis, conflict reveals the imperfection of God’s creation of man; however, forgiveness is what proves that man is not completely evil. Whether the conflict be man vs. man, man vs. society, man vs. God, etc., forgiveness is never an easily accomplished task. The acts of begging for or providing forgiveness can take extensive amounts of time to build strength to do. The concept of forgiveness in The Book of Genesis teaches that the act of forgiving requires…

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