Intercultural competence

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  • Syrian Refugees: The Role Of Social Media

    explains our proposal and have it shared through popular pages, it would make a significance difference. This rhetorical approach can build on top of other ones because it addresses important physiological tendencies of users and how important intercultural competence is. Maybe one day in the foreseeable future people will be able to distinguish between what’s destroying humanity and what’s unifying…

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  • Personal Reflection On My Interpersonal Communication

    From the beginning I struggled with many things when it came to my overall communication skills. Speaking publicly was not something I had experience with so I didn’t know what to do with my hands for starters. I would feel a sense of uncomfort when talking to an audience. My instant reaction to this was to either play with my hands or keep them glued by my side. This was the first challenge that I faced over the duration of the class, but it certainly wasn’t the last. Using buzzwords in my…

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  • Annotated Bibliography: Culturally Responsive Classroom

    Annotated Bibliography Adkins-Coleman, T. A. (2010). "I 'm not afraid to come into your world": Case studies of teachers facilitating engagement in urban high school English classrooms. The Journal of Negro Education, 79(1), 41-53. This article seeks to provide teachers, particularly pre-service teachers’ insight into the classrooms of two urban high school English teachers in an effort to demonstrate the practices and beliefs which promote positive behavior and academic success among Black…

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  • Idioms And Slang Idioms?

    Idioms and Slang vocabulary are different. An idiom is a figurative expression or phrase used to express an idea vaguely, so it does not relate directly to the person you are speaking to (Real Life Blog, 2015). Idioms are simply a group of words which have a different meaning than the sum of their parts. An idiom is a combination of words that has a meaning that is different from the meanings of the individual words themselves. It is a phrase which does not always follow the normal rules of…

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  • Human Resource Management Case Study

    there were no expatriates in the new selection system because the selected managers were required to be living in APAC. Currently, ComIncTec simply sent those candidates abroad that had the necessary technical skills and experience, regardless of intercultural competencies. Koch remembered how difficult it was at times to find someone willing to move his or her centre of life, including family, to a different country. He also knew from his own emigration experience that no training (e.g.…

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