The Role Of Language And Culture In Language Teaching

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Language is one aspect of social culture. Language can only be used in social environments. Today, society continuously sets a new demand on the structure of knowledge, and learning a foreign language is no longer the fashion; it is a necessary demand of social development in the present time, and a kind of essential quality talented person should possess.
Language and culture are related and interdependent. One’s ability to learn a language to a great extent depends on his/her level of understanding or mastering the culture. If he/she takes language seriously, but ignores cultural factors, this causes the nonstandard linguistic errors
It is commonly accepted that language is a part of culture and that it plays a very important role in it. However, the priority given to the place of culture as a significant component in language teaching has not been equally the same in different approaches and methods of foreign language teaching. This paper explores the role of culture in language teaching and the importance of the integration of culture into the teaching of language in traditional, innovative and modern approaches to language teaching. It starts from the ancient times and the age of popularity of Grammar-translation
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Although the place of culture and its role in language teaching has long been present in the thinking of language teachers, the priority given to it may vary from one period to another leading to different viewpoints in different FLT approaches and methods. This article aims at investigating the role of culture in the traditional, innovative and modern approaches to FLT. In order to have a clearer picture of the issue, let’s start with different definitions of culture from various

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