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  • Reflective Essay: Backhand Spring

    backhand spring, I was determined because I was the last person on my cheer team who hadn 't already got it, and with the help of my coaches, and believing in myself I finally achieved my goal. I have been an active member in cheerleading since I was in third grade; as I have grown, I have begun to make more in the sport than I ever could have imagined. I believe that anytime someone doesn 't believe in you, it is just a reason to prove them wrong. Not only did I get my backhand spring, but I…

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  • Essay About Spring Break

    With spring break right around the corner it is important to remember a few things when planning the trip. Such as researching your destination beforehand and looking up the crime rates. It is also import to have your activity’s planed for that week and make sure that you have everything in order before you show up to the activity. When going on a trip where you will be outside most of the time it is a good idea to make sure you are prepared for anything to happen. When planning a successful…

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  • Spring Mill Short Story

    light comes from a lamp post on the corner of the road, and also marks the end of town. I may not be able to see it anymore, but I know it is there. The other end of town is marked with a painted wooden sign, saying the town name and population. ‘Spring Mill,’ it reads in big fading letters. ‘Population 30’. No longer accurate. The paint is peeling and the wood is splintering into sharp points. I have known this sign since childhood. The shoulder of the road, where I now walk, is covered with…

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  • Powder Springs Research Paper

    Powder Springs, located in Georgia, is a place between Marietta and Hiram. It is a city located in Cobb County. The people in Powder Springs focus on family life and how they can better themselves. They try to help others as much as they can, but it is not always easy. The town is full of life and life experiences. The people of Powder Springs respect each other and are extremely friendly. The community comes together on necessary needs and forms farmers markets. People of different…

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  • Spring Awakening Play Analysis

    Children in Crisis: the Intimacy of Spring Awakening In the rock opera musical Spring Awakening by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik, based on the play by Frank Wedekind, young teenagers in 1890s Germany confront the most intimidating parts of human nature: sexuality, violence, and growing up. These kids struggle to understand the world around them and constantly battle with their aged counterparts in a upheaval for knowledge. With so much being withheld from them, these kids turn to each other in…

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  • My Spring Research Paper

    Spring has sprung, or has it? Here we are in the first week of May. The weather is still chilly and the nights are still cold. Spring has always been my favorite season for many reasons. The best part about spring to me is my birthday. Unfortunately, April's weather is all over the place. For example, one year on April 8th it was 81 degrees outside. However, the next day (which happens to me my birthday) only got up to 45 degrees. I was lucky enough that I was able to get out there the day…

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  • Arab Spring: The Rationality Paradigm

    legitimacy than any self-appointed strongmen (Abrams, 2012). The rationality paradigm does not appear as an independent category as often as the two others (structural and cultural) in explaining the divergent outcomes and trajectories of the Arab Spring. Rational choice theory is used by a number of scholars in explaining how people in urban areas opted to join the ant-regime protests…

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  • Leaf Spring Case Study

    1 Introduction Leaf spring is a suspension system for vehicles that were used in the old days. Originally, they were called carriage or laminated springs. This system was successful and genuine, used primarily on almost all vehicles until the 1970s and still on trucks and vans that carry heavy loads. The spring leaf consists of an arched, slender piece of steel that is arranged in the same material in smaller sizes and combined together to form a reinforced arc-like element. It is then attached…

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  • Arab Spring: The Egyptian Revolution

    "There is nothing permanent in life except change. - Heraclitus" Nowadays, the Arab world in the Middle East is undergoing enormous change. Those changes, known as the Arab Spring, have resulted in a new outlook in many countries, like Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and Libya. Recently, people living in Egypt, for example, made it their life’s goal to speak up against the corruption of their government or die trying. In fact, according to an Amnesty International report, during the protests of 2012…

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  • Aristotle Vs Confucius

    It is commonly considered that Ancient Greek is the origin and center of civilization in Europe, and China holds a similar position in East Asia. Aristotle played a significant role for Ancient Greek, and Confucius is highly emphasized in Ancient China. Many may think the two philosophies will confront each other as Europe and Eastern Asia have dissimilar historical development. The two views do have undeniable different views, but they are also comparable and supporting each other in some sense…

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