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  • Alcove Springs Autobiography

    A couple days passed and we finally reached Alcove Springs. I looked across the field and saw tall green grass and small hills barely peeking at the top of them. Wildflowers grew everywhere and it looked so pretty blending in with all the nature. The sunset between the small hills was a wonderful sight. We had to find flat land so we could camp there for two nights. After we set up our tents, the kids instantly went to sleep. The next morning Marvin got up and grabbed our firewood from the trunk…

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  • Spring Break Narrative

    Spring break. It hadn't been too long since they had seen each other last, but one would have assumed it had been ages, the way they came together. "Iris!" He beamed, opening the door. "Barry!" They embraced tightly and all of Iris' oxygen supply was suddenly out of the room. Pulling away slowly, Iris was able to take in Barry's appearance. Disheveled, no surprise, his hair sticking up in several places, his t-shirt smelled freshly-laundered, but also, so unmistakably Barry Allen. In his dorm,…

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  • Essay On Spring Break

    What 's the craziest thing you have done over spring break? It was a beautiful spring day, warm and humid with a cool slow wind, sunny the perfect day and it could only get better. It was the day that we had our trip to the lake planed. All of us got off work and we grouped up at my house. We all decided that we would take my car just for the experience, it is a very fast car that turns heads everywhere. The car is all blacked out with crazy rainbow headlights and ridiculously loud exhaust, not…

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  • Reflections Of Spring Analysis

    Awakening Memories through Nostalgic Imagery in “Reflections of Spring” Memory is a part of human’s heart, mind and soul. Some memories are kept safely and some are neglected. Those are kept can take people back to their old days like a time machine. However, sometimes those memories from the past haunt people down for the rest of their life. Feeling regretful and nostalgic, people could lock themselves in their good time in the past and live with people and places that they love…

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  • The Theme Of The American Dream In Walt Whitman's Song Of Myself

    Though the meaning of “America” has changed over the years, “America” once meant the pursuit of a simplistic yet unique dream. Walt Whitman demonstrates this in section 10 of his “Song of Myself” poem. In this section, he takes on the identity of multiple American people. Among these are a rugged mountain man, the captain of a Yankee clipper ship, the viewer of a marriage between a trapper and a Native American, and one who shelters a runaway slave. These people are all different, which serves…

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  • Mrs. Spring Fragrance Analysis

    Sin Far’s “Mrs. Spring Fragrance”, the main characters, Mr. and Mrs. Spring Fragrance, lack good communication skills. They have a lack of communication in their marriage. This absence causes a massive misunderstanding in their relationship. Mr. and Mrs. Spring Fragrance are Chinese-Americans. Their culture is different than people born in America and it has many taboos. There is a large contradiction between traditional Chinese-American and Westernized Chinese-Americans. Mrs. Spring Fragrance…

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  • Boiling Springs Observation Report

    student of the Spartanburg County School District Two community in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. A remote place that did not have much to offer at first glance. This is probably because I am originally from the crowded and industrialized city of Philadelphia. Yet, during the almost decade that I have resided in Boiling Spring, it has become increasingly similar to the hustle and bustle that I left behind. Although Boiling Springs will never truly embody the presence of northern life, the…

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  • Alcove Springs: A Short Story

    Alcove Springs is beautiful. The crystal clear water and the ten foot waterfall. The air is so fresh and the sky is so blue, much more blue than in Philadelphia. The only problem is the mosquitoes. They are everywhere. It has been a week since we left Independence and a lot has happened. When we left, there was a pile-up. Everyone was leaving at once, and one man was in such a hurry, he ran into the back of my wagon. It didn't hurt my wagon, but he broke one of his horse’s legs. A…

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  • Spring Mill Short Story

    light comes from a lamp post on the corner of the road, and also marks the end of town. I may not be able to see it anymore, but I know it is there. The other end of town is marked with a painted wooden sign, saying the town name and population. ‘Spring Mill,’ it reads in big fading letters. ‘Population 30’. No longer accurate. The paint is peeling and the wood is splintering into sharp points. I have known this sign since childhood. The shoulder of the road, where I now walk, is covered with…

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  • Spring Awakening Play Analysis

    Children in Crisis: the Intimacy of Spring Awakening In the rock opera musical Spring Awakening by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik, based on the play by Frank Wedekind, young teenagers in 1890s Germany confront the most intimidating parts of human nature: sexuality, violence, and growing up. These kids struggle to understand the world around them and constantly battle with their aged counterparts in a upheaval for knowledge. With so much being withheld from them, these kids turn to each other in…

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