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  • Spring Break Analysis

    During Spring Break, a group of seven Northwood students traveled to Spain to experience the culture. They started in Madrid and worked their way through the towns of Cordova, Toledo, Seville, Malago and Costa del Sol. One of the students on the trip, junior Joseph Lorbacher particularly enjoyed Madrid. “It was like New York City, but I think it was better. It was a lot cleaner and just more fun. It was nicer there too,” he said. While the group was in Madrid, they spent one evening…

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  • Insanity In 'Strawberry Spring'

    Strawberry Spring is a short horror story for the purpose of entertaining the reader with an ironic type of funny surprise at the end. The story shows us a person who only becomes a killer at the beginning of every Strawberry Spring. In my analysis this is how the killer releases him in a form of catharsis, because every time the fog comes, that’s his only time to let go of himself and release his dark emotions. The build up of those feelings is like he has a different person in him. Almost like…

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  • Stravinsky Rite Of Spring

    dissonance to agitate nerves (Radiolab, 2010). To illustrate, before the first performance of the Rite of Spring, Stravinsky described it as a “concert about springtime”, when in reality, it was about “radical change and ritual murder” (Radiolab, 2010). The audience’s perception was contradicted from their physical memory of reading about the ballet, thus provoking a riot. The following year, the Rite of Spring was presented a second time, and the audience was aware of the nature of the…

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  • Spring Descriptive Writing

    The melting warmth of the white porcelain sends a ray of sunshine through the soft, pink ,palms of my dead hands, causing my fingertips to bud like pink tulips in the Spring. Licking my sharp teeth, the stinging sensation of spearmint waltzes on my tastebuds. My index finger pushes pressure on a small, smooth piano key, and a waterfall caves into my eardrums, obliviating my sleep deprived thoughts. The sizzling and popping of the green leaves mending themselves with the white and yellow ooze on…

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  • Arab Spring Movement

    creating content that is rapidly available to audience has become a daunting task for Arab American. During the Arab spring the nations utilization of social media became clear when social media was involved in the Egypt’s parliamentary and presidential election.…

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  • Spring Buck Speech

    Spring Buck speech gave an overview of what Cornell, poses, recycles, and landfills (and reuse). I was really surprised by how many refrigerators are recycled (433 yearly), but made sense when Buck related it to the plethora of research labs on campus. However, how long are these refrigerator made to last? Are they cheaply made like our home refrigerators, which was stated in chapter 10 of Waste Makers. It that produces are more worried about sales than quality. For example, it also states that…

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  • Silent Spring Analysis

    In the first chapter of Silent Spring, Carson talks about a town where “all life seemed to live in harmony with its surroundings”. (2) A diversity of plants was interspersed along the road; birds and people alike migrated to the town. The birds “came to feed on the berries” (3) while people “travelled from great distances to observe them.” (3) Here, life was dependent and connected to each other. However, the connection disappeared when death and destruction was brought about by the human use of…

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  • Spring Break Reflection

    when I was having negative thoughts. I decided to track my thoughts over the course of spring break. I began recording my thoughts as spring break began at Fort Stewart in Georgia. I tracked my thoughts as the week continued. As I began to track my thoughts, I did not notice any pattern of when they occurred. However, most of the thoughts I did track occurred when I visited Fort Stewart in Georgia over spring break. I went to post to visit my boyfriend who is stationed there. While there the…

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  • Spring Break Day

    In April of 2012, on a spring break day, my sister and I had no clue that this normal-seeming day would turn into a day full of surprise. Maya, my sister, was four years old with blonde hair and eyes as light blue as a clear sky. Many people said her hair was as soft as silk. I, on the other hand, was seven years old with dark brown hair and chocolate eyes. The morning was a typical spring morning near the beach in Santa Cruz, foggy and cold. My mom, dad, sister and I had just approached our…

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  • Graco Research Papers

    Graco Fast Action Fold Click Connect Travel System This is a Chinese made baby stroller that can fit into infant car seat. It is a must have for those who want to have an ample time while travelling. Weighs around 20 pounds and is strong enough to hold a 50 pound baby for one full year. The seat can be reclined to multiple positions and the easy one second fold makes the experience even better. Graco fast action fold click connect travel system has a pivoting child’s tray with a cup holder,…

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