Homelessness in the United States

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  • Homelessness In Australia Essay

    Every day in states across the Australia, homeless women, men and children walk the streets, often begging for money, carrying plastic bags or pushing shopping carts filled with what little personal possessions they own. It is hard to comprehend that in a country as affluent as Australia there is such a large amount of people in the community who do not have homes. But over the last couple of decade’s homelessness and poverty has become a serious issue in recent years due to the increase in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Being Homeless

    harming the homeless. There are multiple different factors that can lead a person to becoming homeless. They include: job loss, physical disabilities, mental illnesses, domestic violence, family disputes, and natural disasters. The main causes of homelessness are traumatic and life altering events that are unexpected and unplanned (Home Aid America). Many homeless citizens face difficult obstacles on an everyday life basis. Many of these people face addictions to drugs or alcohol. They…

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  • The Role Of Homelessness In The Community

    There are a lot of homeless people in our society today; there are all kind of races and ethics. Many of them are veterans that come home from war and lost everything that they had. Some communities try and help the homeless as much as they can but you never know who is actually homeless or not. Every exit that you get off at there will most likely be someone sitting there with a sign homeless anything helps. You want to give something to them but then you think do they really need it. The…

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  • Homelessness In Vietnam

    There is an issue that has been around for quite some time but is just now becoming one that is highly noticeable within the community, and that is the issue of homelessness. Homelessness has been something that has predated even the awareness that has risen over the past two decades. This is especially true for American veterans, but it is not confined to veterans alone. There are as many as 400,000 Vietnam war era veterans that are homeless during a period of time within every…

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  • Urbanization And Homelessness

    610,042 people in the United States found to be homeless on a single random night in January of 2013, twenty percent (20%) of those people were in California. Another thirteen percent was found in New York and another eight in Florida. Why are the rates so much higher in more well-known cities such as these? Evidently, there are greater amounts of homeless people in urban areas; they’re also more visible and counted easier due to services they may use in the city (Homelessness…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Homelessness Essay

    Conclusion: The causes of homelessness and its effects are complex and intertwined, and inevitably there are no simple solutions. It’s not just about buildings and beds; it’s about the things that go wrong in people’s lives: health, income, families etc. And these things can go wrong for anyone, especially these days Homelessness poses as one of the social crisis on the rise in the 21st century to an extent that homelessness can no longer be just confined to those people living in the streets.…

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  • Summary: The Issue Of Homelessness

    topic of homelessness? A vast amount of people in America, specifically in New York City, are homeless. The cause of this is usually the loss of jobs, which leads to the loss of homes. Last year there were three million homeless individuals in the United States. The current economic condition is generating a situation where more families are becoming homeless. Homelessness is dreadful and melancholy. There are many opinions concerning the solution of the homelessness in the United States. The…

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  • Sociology Of Homelessness Essay

    Alarmingly, in the last three decades, the income gap between social classes in America has increased significantly (Malahy, Rubinlicht, & Kaiser, 2009). In relation to the growing income gap, the issue of homelessness is growing in prevalence within the United States (Toro et al., 2007). Homelessness can be defined in a range of ways: from living in the streets or seeking refuge in shelters, to living with family and friends (Toro et al., 2007). There are a variety of responses when it comes…

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  • Causes Of Homelessness In America

    Homelessness in America Homelessness has been a problem that we’ve been facing for a long time now. Through the years we have noticed different patterns on the homelessness population in the U.S. alone: the homeless population has gone up, down, but has never completely disappeared. In the U.S. alone, homelessness has become a huge problem that may escalate in the near future if we don’t try and find solutions to it. Homelessness has to be the cause of something, right? It can’t just happen out…

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  • Anti Homeless Laws Essay

    laws ineffective in addressing homelessness in itself because it does not get to the source of the problem (Barclay). The United States Interagency Council on homelessness has strongly advised the government to not enact anti-homeless laws because they have found that it fails to increase access to needed services and the laws tend to create additional barriers for homeless people while also undermining the impact that service providers can have (Jones). Some states have realized this. Rhode…

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