Homelessness in the United States

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  • Theories Of Homelessness

    who have been staying with friends and family since leaving a permanent residence. When a disaster and conflict strikes, one of the initial issues brought forward on the headline news is generally figures quoting homelessness. Among the different vulnerable groups in a disaster, homelessness includes both rich households temporarily deserting their homes for fear of after-effects, destitute households who have lost everything,…

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  • Homelessness In Hawai

    “Originating from unresolved mental health disorders in adolescence” Homelessness emerged within the Hawaiian Islands, only to progress due to the lack of efficient, permanent services provided for individuals. State statistics have shown an increase within the homeless population and a fluctuation in demographical characteristics and status’s of the individuals. Hawaii’s past financial innovations for homelessness have lacked the primary focus on various factors such as the mental health and…

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  • Lack Of Habitable Housing And Health

    issues and a major public health concern. A study on housing and health has shown that poor housing conditions are associated with several health conditions such as asthma, lead poisoning, and mental health (Krieger & Higgins, 2002). In the United States, 2 million people visit the emergency room for asthma, 1 million children have lead levels high enough to affect their intelligence, and behavior. Additionally, the lack of quality and affordable housing has caused mental distress over the…

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  • The Homeless People In Steve Lopez's The Soloist

    name Nathaniel Ayers. Ayers, talented musician, has been living on the streets of Skid Row Los Angeles for over a decade now. Although he does not search for “rehabilitation” little does he know that is what will come upon him. Homelessness is a major issue in the United States. You may ask yourself, “how can we resolve that issue?” the…

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  • Emotivism And Homelessness

    broad imagination of how the city was going to look, how the people are, and how my life is going to be. As an international student, I was introduced to the Western culture through music and movies. As a teenage girl I thought everyone in the United States lived like Hollywood movie stars. When I came to Seattle I saw homeless individuals in the first week that walked the streets, were dressed, and were fed by local non-profit organizations. Yet, they were still homeless and without shelter on…

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  • Neighborhood Poverty And Poverty

    him money “One minute he was sitting there begging and then he is hopping into a Cadillac and driving away! Makes me wonder how many are truly homeless and not con artists” (Frances Marion, personal communication, September 9, 2015). Mrs. Matthews states that she has a great insight of the homeless population from volunteering at her church’s weekly soup kitchen. “Many have mental issues and just prefer living on the streets. I really wish there was more I can do to help them” (Sarah Matthews,…

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  • Issues In Urban Community

    individuals, I ask them what they believe are the primary issues that they have either witnessed or experienced from their community. From the interviews I have concluded that there are three distinct themes that affects urban living: crime, poverty, and homelessness. Among some other issues the interviewees discussed include the cost of living, youth recreation activities, and how the city spent funds. In urban communities there is still a fear of crime, although there are statistical data…

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  • Arguments Against The Homeless

    saving these older folks” (321.) The older folks referred to in the article are homeless people that live across the United States. Fagan maintained that the nation can do better in terms giving back to the needy, especially considering the wealthy of the nation. However, what Fagan failed to mention in the article is what the homeless are not doing for themselves. Long time homelessness is a predicament that can only be blamed on the homeless because people that wind up homeless for whatever…

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  • Pros Of Being Homeless

    A recent drive around Phoenix for me, made me realize the number of homeless people panhandling for money on street corners. At some point during a calendar year in the Untired States, 1.5 million are homeless looking for a place to sleep and food to eat (Katel). Of this 1.5 million, 80 percent or around 1.2 million are considered transitionally homeless, meaning that they have had a run of bad luck and are homeless for a short amount of time, usually around a couple months. Imagine if instead…

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  • Bouncy House Research Paper

    you live in now was a cheap buy, and you are likely still paying for it. For many, this is a major drawback; in extreme cases, lack of money and resources to take care of a home can make you one of the 610,042 homeless people that reside in the United States today. Obviously, we need a solution to this problem. I am here to propose an idea: mass-producing these inflatable residences and giving them to those in need. I believe we can construct these houses to be safe and warm for individuals and…

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