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  • Hip Hop And Politics Analysis

    American society. Although the genre of hip hop music formed in the Bronx in the 1970’s, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that it became a more diverse genre, and spread around the globe. It was in the eighties when hip hop started expressing a political perspective, and encouraging its audience to take action. Political issues have been communicated over the years through, what is known as, political hip hop. Some of the most prominent topics illustrated in hip hop to this day include gun control,…

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  • Essay On Hip Hop Culture

    Hip Hop became really popular in the mid to late nineteen hundreds and still is very popular to this day. Hip Hop has developed an art that reflects culture as well as express social, political and economic situations in many peoples lives, especially the youth. Music started off with drumming. Through drumming, communities were able to communicate, and the use of drums was also utilized in ceremonies and rituals in African American lives. Drumming was the base of African music in the Diaspora.…

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  • Hip Hop Negative Influence

    Hip-hop has a very large influence. I believe it Hip-hop/Rap has an enormous effect on not just Americans, but the world. This was stated in “Loving Hip-hop in Morocco”. But there were things not mentioned such as the bad influencing hip-hop has on communities and the vocabulary used, also known as slang. Hip-hop is all over the world and can be very much so used in a positive manner. But at the same time hip-hop can negatively influence the people. Jeffrey Hicks, a member of national advisory…

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  • Hip Hop Rap Vs Rap

    The debate of whether rap and hip hop are the same has been around since it became popular. In reference to history, everyone wants to add to the discussion. People tend to obscure history by adding their own ideas to how things really originated. In the case of Rap and Hip hop, many people try to force the two genres into one due to the fact that Rap and Hip hop share some similar features. Many fail to see that hip hop is different from rap. Rap and hip hop, although both genres originate…

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  • The Influence Of Hip Hop Culture

    Hip Hop music is arguably the most popular genre of music in modern America. Hip Hop has reached such a huge level that it can not be only defined as a form of music but it should defined as a culture. It is a culture that began throughout the youth of African-Americans in the late 20th century. It began in the inner-cities of New York and it shaped into a culture that allowed the youth of the inner-cities throughout the nation to express themselves and allow them a place in society. Hip Hop…

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  • The Negative Influence Of Hip Hop

    The controversy of Hip Hop’s negative influence has been a constant discussion over the decades since its inception. As both a music genre and a cultural movement, the reach of Hip is unprecedented, but this exposure has come to form a negative public image of the genre in the public conscious. Whenever an instance of gang violence, police shooting, or riot occurs, Hip Hop is quick to be blamed. But is Hip Hop misunderstood, and misrepresented by those? And does Hip Hop truly inspire its…

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  • Impact Of Hip Hop Music On The 1990s

    There are many impacts hip hop culture and movement of 1980 and through the 2000s have on contemporary young African American identity. Therefore the hip hop cultures and movements of the 1980 through the 2000 had a negative impact on contemporary young African American identity this is due to the fact hip hop artists lyrics often uses negative connotation their music may be considered vulgar and violent and because adolescent will follow what they hear. In addition, adolescents are easily…

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  • Hip Hop Subculture Essay

    Over the past forty years, hip-hop has emerged as one of the biggest contributors to American culture. American youth today use hip-hop music to voice the social, political, economic, and cultural conditions in their lives. Hip-hop today also reflects its origin from working-class African-Americans in New York City, and continues to serve as the voice of these people. As the popularity of hip-hop has grown, its marketability has also risen. This paper will discuss how hip-hop has managed to grow…

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  • Analysis Of The Hip Hop Nation By Toure

    In his essay, The Hip Hop Nation. Whose is it? In the End, Black Men Must Lead, Toure defines the complexity and selectivity that associated with the hip hop nation. I like his writing style, in the begging of his essay when he said that no map maker would respect this nation because it has no fixed boundaries, no physical land, no single chief, and no exact date of origin. Rather, hip hop nation is a state of mind. And he credits Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley, Huey Newton, and James Brown as being…

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  • Compare And Contrast Hip Hop And Poetry

    be poetry or hip-hop. Poetry and hip-hop an ongoing debate on whether or not they are compatible or completely irrelevant. What is poetry? Poetry is the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Hip hop a musical style that express feelings and ideas with the use of beats and rhythm. Hip hop and poetry share a mutual characteristic RHYTHM. Rhythm in music as well as poetry give the lyrics style and emotion to inspire the listeners. Although in hip hop rhythm is…

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