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  • Cause And Effect Of Hip Hop Music

    Maria Figueroa Tina Marie Skiles ENG 101 - 27416 Oct. 12, 2017 Reality X: The cause and effect of Hip-Hop music In the beginning there were many different genres of music dealing with social issues, these songs were primarily written about war and injustice. They were given a proper place in our history and were remembered as lyrical, musical achievements of their time. This excluded many injustices, including the war against African-Americans. In the 1970’s, was when the music of…

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  • Hip Hop Music Research Paper

    In researching my topic of hip-hop music, I have found two scholarly sources from the Galileo database that I think will prove useful in my final argument paper when paired with the two popular sources that I described in Essay one. The first article, “Can Music Preference Indicate Mental Health Status in Young People?”, published in 2008 by Felicity Baker and William Bor appearing in Australasian Psychiatry, claims that hip-hop and heavy metal music can influence adolescent’s social and…

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  • Nas Influence On Hip Hop Culture

    Last week, Nas joined Charlie Rose for PBS' tribute to Maya Angelou where the Queens native also took the time to discuss his influences and impact on the game, hip hop culture, and more. During the interview, Nas discussed the current state of Hip Hop in comparison to when his career first began over two decades ago. "Today it's a lot easier to get into the rap game but, back then in '94, it was a lot harder," Nas says when describing his journey to success which began with his first feature on…

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  • Hip-Hop And Youth Culture

    The new generation of Hip-Hop set an example for the rest of America to show how another man “struggle” is another man “gain.” Through out history, they have been a number of cultural expectations that evoke the merging of youth cultures of organizational conformity and deviance. African Americans are the jewels of the nation. They have been the chosen ones to show their pain, power and strength through music, culture and politics. According to Bakari Kitwana, African American’s were the “first…

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  • Essay On The History Of Hip Hop

    doing crime/ We movin’ dimes cause we ain’t doin’ fine” - Jay Z, Say Hello. These four lines are the embodiment of the relationship between hip hop and what happens in the less glamorous parts of the nation’s star city, New York. For decades New York has been the hip hop headquarters, to a point where the goal was and is still to be named “King of New York.” Hip hop was born in New York in the late 1970’s due to the many problems facing the black community, such as the mass impoverishment of the…

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  • Macklemore Hip Hop Analysis

    Hip-hop is a historically black genre of music, with different iterations almost everywhere in the world now. If you turn on your car radio on the way to work it’s likely that you’ll hear a popular hip-hop song. You may even come across street performers having a rap battle. Either way, it’s one of the most common genres today. Hip-hop is a genre dedicated to telling stories of hardship in a poetic form. Music has always been a form of expression, but hip-hop brought a new level of storytelling…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Hip Hop

    Hip hop is a genre of music born over 50 years ago in the South Bronx in New York City by young African Americans. It is a sensation today and widely consumed and enjoyed by many across different age groups and a myriad of racial and cultural backgrounds. Despite its widespread popularity, it is often associated with negativity, criminality, drug use, violence, guns and most of all, it is considered as a genre of music that debases women and blacks in general. Others argue that hip hop is a tool…

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  • Hip Hop Has Changed The World

    Hip-Hop has Changed the World “Music can change the world because it can change people.” (Bono) Hip-hop first started in the 1970s in the neighborhoods of the New York City Bronx. It immediately became a huge movement in African American culture and soon affected people from all over the world. It spread from one city to many in a matter of months, from movies to music videos, hip-hop was everywhere. It was a statement, a voice for African Americans to speak up against civil rights. Hip-hop…

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  • Hip Hop Social Movement

    Music shows a perspective of the world through the voices of musicians and lovers of music. Hip Hop is a musical genre and a social movement. The movement started in the 1970s which was originated from urban areas on the east coast and from African Americans. The hip hop culture is made up of music, dance, artwork, language, and or fashion. ”The West Coast was the first area to expand hip-hop beyond the East Coast. Initially, Too Short, Ice T, and N.W.A"(Penrice ).The group Niggas With Attitude…

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  • Hip Hop And The Neoliberal Turn Analysis

    Lester’s main argument he makes in Hip Hop and the Neoliberal Turn, is that there is this sense of increasing growth of neoliberalism present in black politics. He argues hip hop is the response to the neoliberal shift found in US cities, this is seen from increases of financialization and deregulation, cuts to public funding and the push for the free market (p.2). Lester proves this by relating hip hop to past workers songs of resistance and solidarity (p.2). He argues rap is now seen as the…

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