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  • The Importance Of Move To America

    have never become fully bilingual in English and Chinese, which has opened up many opportunities for me. Not only does it allow me to communicate and form deeper connections with more people, but it also allows me to experience and be part of two different but equally fascinating cultures. Learning to adjust and adapt to a new environment also showed me that as long as I was determined and persistent, I can overcome even challenges that might appear at first glance to be insurmountable. I first started doing research in high school with Dr. Emily Bernstein at Mt Sinai School of Medicine. Her lab focuses on epigenetic regulation of gene expression in cancer and I examined the expression level of a histone variant- macroH2A in breast cancer. I used acid extraction to isolate histones from various breast cancer cell lines and performed Western Blot analysis to determine macroH2A expression. My result showed that all metastatic breast cancer cell lines exhibit a higher expression of macroH2A when compared to nonmetastatic breast cancer cell lines. In addition to becoming an Intel STS semifinalist, I was surprised when my PI explained that my results could have clinical implications - MacroH2A levels could potentially serve as a prognostic marker to differentiate between metastatic and nonmetastatic cancers. In college, I continued research in epigenetics with Dr. Ben Tycko. In Down syndrome (DS) patients, in addition to the extra copy of chromosome 21, there are global changes…

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  • Epigenetic Factor In Child Development

    DNA methylation is a process in which methylations in a gene’s promoter region cause silencing of the gene [SCHROEDER]. Moreover, histone modification is the process in which a histone protein is modified through acetylation, methylation, or phosphorylation, and these chemical reactions influence gene expression [SCHROEDER]. Current studies emphasize the role of these mechanisms in psychological disorders such as anxiety and major depressive disorder [SCHROEDER]. For instance, a study observed…

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  • Essay On Chromosome Looping

    of the chromatin, allowing the DNA to be accessed by transcriptional factors. GAG is also one of the factors known to associate with chromatin looping. GAGA is known to influence promoter activation via an enhancer that is localized to another DNA molecule[2]. GAGA has a specialized ability to bind to two DNA molecules at the same time, making the promoter-enhancer interaction possible. The GAGA factor acts a bridge between the promoter and enhancer elements. [1] In order for chromatin looping…

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  • Genetics In Human Behavior

    Both mechanisms regulate gene expression at the molecular level. DNA methylation is a mechanism that silences or represses gene expression. This occurs when a methyl group bonds to the DNA molecule. The methyl group works like a switch and “turns off” the expression of that particular gene. Histone remodeling is the reaction that occurs when histones change shape. DNA is coiled around the histones, so when the histone’s shape changes, the DNA’s shape changes too. Histone acetylation occurs…

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  • Eukaryotes: A Genetic Analysis

    Methylated cytosines leads to the condensation of chromatin meaning that it may cause the chromatin to be more tight and packed so it will promote gene silencing since it will not allow the chromatin to be expressed; however acetylated histones will promote transcription and thus reversing the effect of the methylated cytosine, making this choice incorrect. C. Methylated cytosines and deacetylated histones associated with relaxed chromatin and gene expression This choice is incorrect. Once…

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  • Characteristics Of Rice

    Epigenetic changes are those heritable changes in gene expression that do not involve any changes in a gene sequence (Holliday 2006). To put it simply, the DNA sequences coding the gene are not altered. Instead, the environment around the DNA is altered. The epigenome is the total sum of the epigenetic marks present throughout the genome of a cell (Eichten, Schmitz & Springer 2014). Epigenetic modifications are directed by many different mechanisms in plants that are influenced by various…

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  • Analysis Of The Origami Of Dna

    of DNA.Another word is “Chromatin Modification” The alteration of DNA which can determine how tightly genes can be stored. In Chromatin Modification DNA is surrounded by proteins called “Histones”. Histones was another word I didn’t know until I read this article. Histones have a positive charge. Therefor when DNA is near a Histones the two will most likely attracted. The stronger the histone is the tighter the DNA will be bounded. In the Article it also says histones can tune this association…

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  • Epigenetic Factors In The Cultural Environment

    When histones are tightly intertwined with the DNA strand, the DNA is unable to be read. In addition, chemical changes performed on the surface of histones can then change the association of the protein in the segment of DNA (WIlliams). In the case of identical twins, the process of inactivation and activation could explain variance in the identical genetic sequence. According to a Spanish twin study, “the patterns of DNA methylation and modification in identical DNA strands exhibit…

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  • Myosin-Interacting Protein SMYD1

    organization, with the absence of cardiac/fast-twitch muscle contraction. Therefore, the use of morpholinos in the current study were beneficial in validating the above findings that cardiac and skeletal muscle are dependent on the proper functioning of the SMYD1 protein. 3.) Through the authors research SMYD1 was found to be highly concentrated and localized at the M-line in the sarcomeres but also in the cell nucleus 's in the myofibrils. This is due to SMYD1s two unique activities:…

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  • Epigenetic Gene Expression

    How does epigenetics change our gene expression? There are two main parts of gene expression to answer that question. The first part is methyl groups, which consist of hydrocarbon molecules. These methyl groups will bind to areas on the gene to determine whether or not it should be expressed. The methyl groups are like an on-or-off switch. Histones are the second part, and they are proteins that your DNA winds around in order to pack closely in small spaces. The histones are able to change how…

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