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  • Examples Of Misogyny In Hip Hop

    Rose Pierre Prof. Sowers Intro to Speech 3/7/16 Misogyny in Hip Hop (Gangsta Rap) Music Specific Purpose: To persuade Central Idea: Hip hop music is very misogynistic and can cause abuse to women Introduction Mary was a 16 year old girl who just got her first boyfriend and his name was Jake. Mary was very naïve and young, she thought she was in love. She noticed the music Jake listened to had changed and she also noticed that he started acting differently. One day she went through…

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  • The Culture Of Hip-Hop Culture

    Every kid when they were little wanted to become a pop star, rock star, movie star, or sports player. Not every kid starts out listening to hip-hop or hardcore rap. Not every parent wants their kids to know about SOME struggles expressed by the hip-hop culture or the lifestyle of a different culture. It is perceived that rap is for thugs and bad people, but once Iggy Azalea come into it or Ryan Maclemore got into it, it become more of an art. There is a fine line of racism in everything that…

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  • Hip Hop Bad Influence

    Hip-Hop Music is not a Bad Influence on People People may think the Hip-Hop genre is a bad influence on how people act in terms to violence. Using information to prove that this is not true, having a handful of research that supports that rap and hip hop does not influence people violently. Starting off, these acts of violence can be shown before they were introduced to rap. Surprisingly showing no negative affects mentally after being exposed to this and too showing an increase in academic…

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  • Hip Hop Research Paper Topics

    of music consist in the genre, Hip-hop music is classified in one of the category of music. Hip hop it self, has a meaning, which is combine between “Hip” and ”hop” or the combination between knowledge or intelligent and the action or relevant movement, and going through the music and become hip-hop music style. According to Laurence Krisna Parker: “Rap is something you do Hip Hop is something you live-”. Hip-hop is not about rapper and something you do, but hip-hop is something you live. In…

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  • Hip Hop Culture In America

    togetherness in the south Bronx, hip-hop culture is a phoenix: born from the ashes of a dejected, scorned community which blossomed into a vibrant, rich culture. Political and social tensions, in conjunction with diverse artistic movements, influenced the culture and expression of hip-hop; a movement which began in the seven-mile world of the South Bronx and eventually became a global sensation. Hip-hop was formed long before it had a name and a distinct sound. In its essence, hip-hop was…

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  • Hip Hop Fashion's Effect On The Economy

    The hip hop culture can be a good source for many people to express themselves. The expression can come in different forms, such as: graffiti art, music, or dance and fashion. Hip hop dancing is one of the better ways of one’s self-expression because of how easily it is to communicate with others through dancing. Along with hip hop dancing, what the hip hop artists wear is a major aspect in becoming who the artist is or what they represent. Fashion can come in many forms. From clothing to…

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  • Hip-Hop Music In The 1970's

    In 1970, the hip-hop music began in a small community in New York City at South Bronx, where drugs, violence, and poverty were common things. During the time, African- Americans are living as subordinate members in society. Basically, hip- hop music represents African Americans’ forms of music including jazz, soul, gospel, and reggae. DJ Kool Herc, was an inventor of the hip- hop music, he started music in his small apartment with young unemployed community members. There was no set of rules…

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  • The Significance Of Hip Hop And The Cold War

    Americans would witness multiple changes in the country’s history in regards to minorities, especially African Americans. And to truly understand the lyrical significance of Hip Hop, it is imperative that the history leading up to the beginning of Hip Hop. Take year 1956, this is not only the same year Clive Campbell, the father of Hip Hop was born, but also the year that the Supreme Court found the segregation of the Montgomery Buses as an unconstitutional practice (Timeline: Civil Rights Era…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Hip Hop Music

    Maria Figueroa Tina Marie Skiles ENG 101 - 27416 Oct. 12, 2017 Reality X: The cause and effect of Hip-Hop music In the beginning there were many different genres of music dealing with social issues, these songs were primarily written about war and injustice. They were given a proper place in our history and were remembered as lyrical, musical achievements of their time. This excluded many injustices, including the war against African-Americans. In the 1970’s, was when the music of…

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  • Hip Hop Music Research Paper

    In researching my topic of hip-hop music, I have found two scholarly sources from the Galileo database that I think will prove useful in my final argument paper when paired with the two popular sources that I described in Essay one. The first article, “Can Music Preference Indicate Mental Health Status in Young People?”, published in 2008 by Felicity Baker and William Bor appearing in Australasian Psychiatry, claims that hip-hop and heavy metal music can influence adolescent’s social and…

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