Evolution Of Hip Hop

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My anaconda don’t want none
Hip-hop is an large and ever growing industry that is constantly evolving, but out of the many popular genera’s of music currently inhabiting the media today why does hip-hop regularly appear with the artist name followed by either a crime, a controversial statement, or action that was committed. But to truly understand when and where the controversy appeared and began influencing the youth, one must delve into the history and evolution of the hip-hop’s tyrannical founding fathers. During the 1990’s Hip-hop artist such as Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G began to romanticizing the gang lifestyle. In the song Notorious Thugs the lyrics “Spit your game, talk your shit, grab your gat, call your clicks” is a prime
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Drug and alchol use go hand in hand with the hip-hop genera, the N.W.A. amongst other groups depicts their life and the effects of the recreational substances that they use regularly. the N.W.A was by far one of the most popular rap groups of the time, to give insight as to how large they were, they sold over 3,000,000 copies with in the first six weeks of the debut of their album, 80% of the sales were accounted from white suburban teenagers. The albums prime consumer was that of the younger generation, knowing that 80% of the copies reached thousands if not millions of youths worldwide is staggering, not to mention the possible influence of drug use it may have on the younger generation of fans. Another popular hip-hop artist, Snoop Dog, Recently began a marketing campaign for a new brand of alcoholic beverage intended for “young African americans”. One of snoop dogs most popular songs titled “gin and juice” leads to a very insightful view of what the consumption of alchol made lead to. Hip-hop already holds a very influential grasp on teenagers and those on the brink of adulthood, knowing that the vast majority of consumers are already influenced by they violence being influenced to try and use recreational substances will follow …show more content…
Many up and coming male hip-hop artist portray themselves as a gift to the world, they flaunt their wealth and belongings and amongst the wealth and belonging, women are viewed and portrayed as degraded sexual objectes that can could be replaced with out batting an eye. "I don 't like stuff that demeans me as a black woman, or a woman, period." Says lisa Fager a promotional specialist for record labels. In agreeance, Hip-hop wouldn’t be subjected to such a negative opinion if it weren’t for the misogynistic and sexist lyrics. Like the other explicit and controversial views and aspects hip-hop has to offer the youth, the violent and provocative out looks on sex and women are among the worst, reason being, is because males dominate the hip-hop scene and as said before, the primary consumers of their records are among white and black youths who most likely dominate the majority of the percentage, if the percentage of males were to be influcned in anyway by the hip-hop, the results would be catastrophic. “People don 't want to be called bitches, niggas and hos” says lisa. Nobody wants to be called one and should never be called one regardless of the situation, so why does the ever-growing hip-hop industry feel obligated to objectify women as such?
In short, Hip-hop as whole projects an avid attitude towards drug use, alcohol abuse,

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