Hip Hop's Betrayal Of Black Women Analysis

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All rappers degrade black women and the people who support these corrupt rappers hate black women also. Jennifer Mclune’s “Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women” creates this biased inference within its readers after reading the text. Mclune is a writer, activist, and librarian that lives in Washington D.C. Her article, “Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women,” first appeared in an online magazine called Z Magazine in 2006. The story discusses how rappers feel that they have a privilege over women and they rap about it in their music. She also focuses on the idea that rappers are misogynistic in their music and torment black women in their lyrics. Mclune’s article was a persuasive article; she wanted her readers to agree that most rappers are disrespectful …show more content…
She first published her article in 2006 in an online magazine. She focuses on the way rappers depict black women in their music in a disrespectful manner. Mclune uses multiple examples of this kind of behavior. This persuasive article’s goal was to grab the attention of its readers and specifically bash male rappers for their disrespectful acts towards women. Strong use of rhetorical appeals are very important in a persuasive text. She does manage to use rhetorical appeals, but they only limit to one type and are outweighed by logical fallacies and Mclune’s criticizing of rappers. Mclune also uses a significant amount of Kevin Powell’s ideas, who is another author that defends male rappers in his article. The majority of her article was disagreeing with Powell’s points. Mclune’s article does have the potential to become a very strong piece if she used and balanced all three of the rhetorical appeals and did not include the overuse of logical fallacies. If Mclune did succeed in this idea, her audience would have posed the question of which rappers actually degrade black women in their music? Instead, the question that lies is, do all rappers degrade black

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