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  • Compare And Contrast Najwa And Thazade

    Turning the Tables: Exploring How Perceived Female Powerlessness can be a Survival Tool or Cause Submission in a Patriarchal Society Hisham Matar’s novel In the Country of Men presents a young woman and mother, Najwa, who is surviving in a world ruled by men. Scheherazade, the protagonist of Richard F. Burton’s The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, faces a similar predicament of trying to be successful in an intricately oppressive society. Examining the lives, choices, and actions of these two women reveal many commonalities and stark differences in how they handle their surroundings. Najwa and Scheherazade both appropriate a man 's world through their only viable weapons, words and beauty, to achieve their goals. Despite this similarity, Najwa resembles Scheherezade only in a sick, polarized, broken down way. The two characters share a common goal to stay safe under unsafe conditions and use distinctly feminine tactics to protect what they care about. They both have a maternal motivation, which is inherently feminine, in order to protect their families. Scheherazade also desires safety for women in a land where…

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  • Gender Roles And Women In Odysseus The Return

    Gender roles have historically been depicted as the man being the stronger sex while females are subservient and in charge of all of taking care of men and all of their needs. Odysseus’s wife Penelope in Homer’s The Odyssey and Hisham Matar’s mother, Fawzia Tarwah in his memoir The Return are pampered wives who have to step into larger roles when their husbands are suddenly no longer present in the household. The empowering strength that each of these women has to find within themselves is…

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  • Theme Of Social Injustice In The Loyal Men

    Libyan writer. “ aftar Baba denounced his political convictions or had them denounced in him“. For this purpose, his case in gender role is depicted dissenting .Baba is 23 years old and is also named Baba or Faraj and Bu Suleiman.to this day, Matar and his family council do not know Baba is alive or dead. In March 1990,Baba disappeared from family home in Cairo like several other Libyan dissidents. Unknown leader of secret movement against previous regime. Baba’s family forces to flee to Egypt,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Civilization

    civilizations in a negative way. Western civilization is too modern, Islamics are too conservative, Latin Nations are uneducated, and so on. On the other hand, news that benefits society is being spread as well. Nations are shining and growing; learning from the current superpowers and adapting to what works, but this is not the case for all nations. Nations with corrupt government’s, force their citizens to flee because of the brutal regime these dictators force on their civilians. A real-life…

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