Hardball with Chris Matthews

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  • Analysis Of Hardball By Chris Matthews

    In Chris Matthews, Hardball, he describes political principles which are needed for a politician to get to the front. These ideas can be used by President Trump in order to gain greater support from US citizens and his fellow politicians. President Trump would become a more successful leader if he followed Matthew’s principles of acknowledging his problems, focusing on the desires of the people he governs, and forming strong alliances with other members of the government. In order to better connect and gain the trust of the American people, Trump needs to follow the principle outlined by Matthews of “Hanging a Lantern on Your Problem”(Loc 2045). This idea is that if you mess something up, it is important to acknowledge it. By doing so, it often prevents some political fallout because it shows you audience that you aren’t…

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  • Essay On The Liberal Trope Of Freedom

    trope of individual liberty, as the desegregation movement was a liberal approach to giving minorities the freedoms that are naturally endowed to them by God. The liberal argument stands that because segregation is inherently bad, and the Civil Rights Act had officially outlawed discriminatory behavior, African Americans deserve the right to attend any educational institution of their choosing without racial interference. By contributing to the liberal desegregation movement, although…

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