Group decision making

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  • Normative Influence Group Decision Making

    In group-decision making we often look upon each other to come to a conclusion. Two major influences seem to play and important role: 1st the normative influenced, what is the need to be accepted and to belong. This leads to compliance. 2nd is the informational influence, what is the need to get it right and to gain information. Deutsch and Gerard (1955) describe this in their 'dual-process dependency model '. Tajfel and Turner (1979) add with their social identity theory that apart from the…

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  • Analyzing The Four Categories Of Group Decision-Making

    employees in the decision-making process. There are five possible advantages for group decision-making. The first being greater pool of knowledge. With a group of people there is a better chance of someone having the knowledge or experience in an area that someone else might not. The second being different perspective. Everybody has a different perspective on ideas, so it's good to look at a problem from different points of view. Third being intellectual stimulation. When a group of people is…

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  • Group Decision Making In The Movie: 12 Angry Men

    The various aspects of group decision making such as group forming, storming, norming, performing, group shift, group dynamics and social influence is used here. The four phases of group development - forming, storming, norming and performing take place almost simultaneously one after the other. The forming stage happens relatively quickly. The jurors contemplate…

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  • How Do Interest Groups Influence Decision Making

    Interest groups are one of the strong group of individuals who play a significant role in politics to raise their concerns. They represent large number of individual and they often get success in influencing law makers to consider their concerns. Whereas Lobbyists are the experts in certain field and they tend to influence legislators in their decision making by providing some information that the legislators have no idea about relating to certain bills. They also have very strong ability to…

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  • Leading In A Hostile Environment

    of business is ever changing. Executives know that in order to keep up with these changes, they must place a high level of importance on understanding, explaining and addressing these challenges in order to improve the behaviors of individuals and groups within their companies. One of the most significant challenges facing managers is how to lead an organization during hostilities. Hostilities can arise from various situations, but most often during times of organizational change where there are…

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  • Normative Leadership Model

    leader. Taking into consideration my personality and leadership qualities, the Normative Decision-Making Theory of Participation would be the most useful to me. Overview The Normative Decision-Making Theory of Participation was originally created by Vroom and Yetton and later revised by Vroom and Jago. This model “involves the degree of participation that followers should be allowed in different decision making situations.” Essentially, it creates a flow chart which a leader can use to match…

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  • Persian Gulf Case Study

    Principal Decisions. The group decided to take three principle actions involving the use of military forces in the Persian Gulf. Our first decision was in response to Iran smuggling automatic rifles and hand held rocket launchers in Saudi Arabia to aid Saudi rebels. The Joint Chief of Staff recommended a higher military presence. As a result, the President ordered 120 special ops to move secretly and strategically into Dhahran to counter the influx of light arms. The next decision was in…

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  • Case Study Autocratic I (Ai)

    makes the decision without input from group members. With regard results, the issue would likely be resolved quickly given that no consultation is required, but without such input the leader’s decision may not necessarily be the most appropriate and there would be little or no “buy-in” from the group whose endorsement may help ensure the solution is properly implemented. I suggest this style is best preserved for those perhaps emergency occasions when lack of time precludes effective group…

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  • Groupthink And Decision Making Case Study

    Their Effects on Decision Making in the Workplace Irving Janice coined the term groupthink as a phenomenon in which the norm for consensus overrides the realistic appraisal of alternative courses of action (Robbins and Judge, 2015). Some precursors that may facilitate groupthink behavior are groups that have a high level of cohesion, a group that has been sequestered from expert judgement or individuals who may play “devil’s advocate”, or very stressful or important decision that needs to be…

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  • Standard Systems Company Case Study

    interests in some of the firms as seen in the case of Standard Systems. It is, therefore, a risky decision to embrace this venture. The decision made by the company is pretty much the final and most vital one. The board is the body that is tasked with coming up with the decisions that would be adopted by the company as the policies of the company. In the issue of selecting the firms to work with the board’s decision would be pegged on the pros and cons of the recommended actions or the…

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