Group Decision Making

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Question 1
To be effective as a leader, it is essential to possess excellent decision-making skills in any business (Mind Tool, n.d.). Managers need to strive to improve these skills in order for their company to be successful. This in turn can give the business a competitive advantage.
As a manager, there are steps that can be taken to improve my decision-making skills. One of the ways includes being proactive by thinking about the possibilities of what could go wrong when making a certain decision. This is known as a “premortem”, and it would allow me as a manager to avoid making a bad decision before spending money, or having to stop and change directions once I’ve started in one direction (Carpenter, Bauer & Erdogan, 2010).
The premortem is a six step process that improves the decision-making skills and can increase
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The law firm where I am employed is a family owned business and the family makes decisions for the business as a group. Unfortunately, the decisions are only made at a managerial level and not by those employees who are most impacted by these decisions.
It is beneficial to have group decision-making at my institution. This is so because more people are involved in making the decisions, and different viewpoints and experiences are brought to the table. In this way, the group can provide a wide range of information than an individual alone could present (Management Essentials, n.d.).
Group decision-making is also beneficial to the firm because the group can produce more alternatives than if it was just one person making the decision. More people working together would bring a variety of information. There is also a higher possibility of acceptance of the information when a group makes the decisions together. The information is also deemed as valid, as it is viewed more as a democratic decision rather than a decision made by one person (Management Essentials,

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