Organizational Behavior: Huczynski And David A. Buchanan

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Academic Paper Review
Andrzej A. Huczynski and David A. Buchanan 1985, 2007. Organisational Behavior.731-761

At the beginning of the chapter, Huczynski and Buchanan both acceded that decision making is one of the most important element in an organisation. Decision making are made by both manager and none manager and plays as a backbone in all organisation. Decision making is one of the key elements of formal organisation apart from specialization, incentives and authority (Barnard 1938). Huczynski and Buchanan, referring to Simon (1957) agreed that management theory should be based around the question of chouce and decision making as the core of management. On the other hand, decision making is one of the most important and crucial work task of manager Mintzberg (1989). Regardless the crucial part of the decision making element in once organisation, authors has argued that the purpose of decision making studies is to advise the manager on how to make a better decision and how the decision are being made.
The authors then proceed to outline two
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However, authors did consider both the advantage and disadvantages of group decision-making, as in group will offer the advantages of a greater pool of knowledge, different perspective, greater problem comprehension and increased acceptance of decision and the disadvantages are that under the headings of personality factors, social conformity, disfussion of responsibility, minority domination, logrolling, goal displacement, group brainstorming, groupthink and

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