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  • Burglary Research

    The impact of crime on people’s lives takes many forms (Haigh, 2006). Burglary is a crime which has evolved drastically over time, but in all its forms it has always reflected the significance of breaking into a building, or part thereof, and the damage that it can cause to both people and property. Policymakers have long sought to use law to shape the physical environment to reduce crime (Anderson, MacDonald, Bluthenthal, & Ashwood, 2013). Such efforts date at least as far back as the…

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  • What Is The Cost-Benefit Analysis?

    individuals lifestyle is at risk, it can be quite influential on an individual subjective value in which they assign to risk and rewards. For example, Jacobs and Wright (1999) noted that one of the primary motivations for offenders to take part in street robbery were to keep up with appearances. According to Jacobs and Wright (1999), “The open ended pursuit of sensory stimulation was but one way these offenders enacted the imperatives of street culture. No less important was the fetishized…

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  • Analysis Of Armed Robbers In Action: Stickups And Street Culture

    know: “What makes someone put a gun to someone’s head and demand money? How do they decide to commit armed robberies? What does it feel like to participate in armed robberies? Why do they target certain people? How do they convince people to obey their commands? (p.3-4)” In previous studies on armed robberies, researchers would interview people in jail who had been arrested for committing robberies. The authors of this study took a different approach and interviewed 86 active robbers. Active…

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  • Examples Of Rising Action Superman

    Exposition ( Include characters) who: superman Save the bank from getting robbed and save the innocent people from dieing . This happened last year before christmas when everybody was taking out their christmas money. In the middle of the town and there were cops everywhere and there was nowhere to hide because they were surrounded with helicopters. They are robbing the bank because one of the robbers used to work there as a security guard because his boss thought that he…

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  • The Venus Project Analysis

    would be no more robberies if there was no money. Furthermore, people could only get what they need. Likewise, making money waste materials that we could utilize for important uses. Last but not least, if money is taken out we can have a fair economy. Life without money can create a world of freedom as long as we’re willing to change it. As stated earlier one reason there should be no more money is that there would be no robberies. To begin, some might ask, ‘’Why would there be no robbery?’’…

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  • Personal Narrative-Game Cops Justice

    anymore “Hello, this is 911 what is your emergency?” “There are these…these two guys down here at the harvest and trustee bank, they have masks, guns, and hostages!Please send help!” we arrived two minutes later, first week on the job, a bank robbery. we didn’t know what to expect at first, maybe a 12mm pistol or a pump action shotgun, the classics you know? But these guys were professionals,they had a full auto smg and dual barrel shotguns. they had a huge drill on the vault and their…

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  • Theft, Cap 63 Of The Laws Of Kenya

    With regards to the above case, all the six robbers are liable for the offence robbery with violence based on two accounts. In the first instance, the culprits robbed off Mr. Munyoki his Sony television set, three desktops as well as a golden watch. In the second instance, the suspects robbed off Ananda by stealing her Samsung television…

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  • The Ghetto Made Me Do It Analysis

    Ghetto Made Me Do It The Ghetto Made Me Do It is written by Francis Flaherty and its historical tragedy about violent and crime. Francis Flaherty describes a young girl named Lisa Morgan who grew up surrounded by violence and then commits armed robberies and a murder. After reading the story, there was question “Do I agree or disagree with the idea that Morgan the main character is responsible for her action.? I don’t think I will agree or disagree, but I will qualify with the idea that…

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  • The Similarities Between The Characteristics Of A Good Burglar

    The previous section showed the strong similarities between the characteristics of a “good burglar” and Mr. Nordahl. First among them is his attention to detail. By controlling as many variables as possible, he was able to lower the risk involved. This included, avoiding drugs and violence, understanding his tools, targeting particular houses, and studying the items he intended to take. This all points to Nordahl’s ability to make rational decisions as to when and where to commit a crime; a…

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  • The Longest 10 Seconds Of My Life Analysis

    The Longest 10 Seconds of My Life I will never forget where I was in the bank that day when he came in the door. It was nearly 5:30 on a Friday, which meant it was almost the weekend. What made it even more exciting was I did not have to work on Saturday. We had started the preparations for closing so we would be able to walk out the door as close to 6:00 as possible. I had my back turned counting the money one of the floating tellers had just sold to me. It was a very laid back environment…

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