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  • Diachronic Personal Identity Analysis

    Delving into questions of synchronic identity of a person, one may ask what it is for a thing to be a person at a certain time? Can a computer, an infant, advanced apes and others be persons? Using the great ape project as an instance, which purports that the great apes should be considered persons since they possessed most of the characteristics required to be persons. As posited by Lock, self-consciousness is a marker to be a person; if that is true, one may infer that the great apes are considered person, because they have shown some sort of self-consciousness, by passing the mirror self recognition test. As we know that including the non-human great apes as persons if we concur with John Lock’s perspective and the great ape’s organization, will require us to let the apes exercise the same human rights we exercise. Clearly, letting the apes have same rights as we do will mean that no one shall kill them for any purpose or destroy their ecosystem. Also, doing that will require a big modification in our practices to include apes in the law book. Well, let us not be in a haste to agree with the great apes’ movement because the apes have shown to possess self-consciousness; However, other animals like elephants, dolphins, deer and others have passed the self-consciousness test. indeed, including these non-human apes as persons will not only posit a problem in the amendment of our practices, rather it will also require us to consider other animals that have passed the…

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  • Effects Of Animal Experimentation On Chimpanzees

    Animal experimentation on chimpanzees is still very well practiced in the United States and Gabon. Due to the nature of the experiments that take place and what it does to these endangered great apes, it needs to be completely stopped. Animal experimentation on chimpanzees began in the early 1920’s when a psychologist named Robert M. Yerkes purchases two chimpanzees for his own private research. His objective was to study the behaviors of the two primates he purchased and in response to this…

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  • Cockatoos Research Paper

    the different types of large macaws with this guide that discusses their value, personality, and maintenance requirements. Lewinski's Aviary Dedicated to macaws and a cockatoo with some photos. Chat room available to chat about parrots. Things to consider when buying a new bird. The Mac Cam Provides a view of Mac, a scarlet macaw in his huge house playing. It also documents Mac's life. Boko, a congo african grey, can also be seen …

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  • The Great Ape Survival Partnership (GASP)

    One relatively recent cause of the sharp decline in ape populations deals with poaching and kidnapping. The Great Ape Survival Partnership or (GASP) is an aid organization created by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). The purpose of the GASP is to protect apes and their habitats. Their website provides a wealth of information regarding the struggle of our closest living relatives and efforts made to turn back the tide of extinction. Over the past decade, there has been a…

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  • Oldowan Technology

    We know the chimpanzees are using wooden spears and we know that the oldest organic weapon is 400,000 years old. This weapon is a wooden spear similar to the spears that chimpanzees use today. What makes them really different is that hominids used stone tools as weapons and probably alongside wooden tools even though there is no evidence. “Generally, ape tool use in the wild occurs within a foraging context and is largely restricted to processing vegetable matter or invertebrates (Pruetz 412)”,…

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  • Monkey's Paw Analysis Essay

    Jacobs runs with two themes: be careful what you wish for and you can't get something for nothing. Jacobs illustrates both themes when Herbert urges his father to wish for two hundred pounds. Everything seems to be going fine the next day until Herbert leaves for work. Not long after he is gone, a strange man comes to their house and informs Mr. and Mrs. White their son has been in an accident involving the machinery he was working with and he was instantly killed. The company Herbert was…

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  • Francois Langur Essay

    fur, and eats things such as leaves. The Francois langur lives in dense forests, mainly in and around Asia. Most of the monkeys also live in China and Vietnam, as well as west central Laos. Also, they inhabit semi-tropical and subtropical regions with areas that usually contain limestone. Additionally, they enjoy living in mangrove environments. When the monkeys are not out hunting for food, they spend most of their free time in caves, as the landforms are a way for the animals to gain…

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  • American Born Chinese Theme

    Fit in Three characters try to fit in. American Born Chinese reveals the following central theme of being yourself. Three characters pass through despair in order to fit in, and in some way they lost their knowledge. They forgot where they come from and who they are. One of them feels better than others. The monkey king feels better than the others monkeys by Luen Yang writes, “All monkeys must wear shoes”(55). The monkey king tries to fit in by telling all the monkeys to wear shoes. The…

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  • Mona Monkey Essay

    Crested Mona Monkeys are a social and activity species. Their playful personalities and physical features play a role in how they got their common names. The crowned monkey, golden bellied guenon, and Cercopithecus Mona are just a few of their common nicknames, but this creature have the ability to adapt to different environmental pressures that caused a wide spread of subspecies that ranges from the Cross River, south of the Congo Basin, raising to Rwanda, and Uganda. Also this species was also…

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  • Rope Climbing Robot Case Study

    Weight of the robot: The robot has to carry yourself and extra payload, hence we have to make the robot as light as possible yet durable. The factors that mainly contribute to weight of robot are: servo motor weight , servo strength, power supply, frame, electronic circuitry. 2. Gripping the rope: There are tons of varieties of grippers available in market but most of them are for heavy industries and they are way too expensive for this project. Finding the correct gripper that provides safety,…

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