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  • Glioma Case Study

    CORTICAL MAPPING USING MOTOR EVOKED POTENTIALS IN GLIOMA SURGERY INTRODUCTION The aim of glioma surgery is to get maximum resection of a tumor with minimal violation of normal brain tissue. A primary tenet of neurosurgical oncology is that survival can improve with greater tumor resection, but this principle must be tempered by the potential for functional loss after a radical removal. It has always been a challenge to achieve this ?functional? resection especially when eloquent cortex is close by or intimately involved with the tumor. Various methods of localizing eloquent cortex have been and are currently being used. Motor evoked potentials (MEPs) and other neurophysiological testing is now available to the neurosurgeon intraoperatively. CASE A 36 year old male presented to the emergency department at the University Hospital of the West Indies with a one week history of headaches and a first time seizure episode on the day of presentation. He was not known to have any chronic illnesses and was well until the headaches started. He described his headaches as pounding in nature,…

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  • Charles Whitman Research Paper

    Charles Joseph Whitman was a twenty-five year old male living in Austin, Texas and enrolled in the University of Texas. He was married to Kathleen Leissner and had three younger siblings by his biological parents Charles Adolphus and Margaret Hodges Whitman. He grew up in a very authoritarian style household and his parents had marital problems brought on by the physical and emotional abuse of Charles Adolphus. Charles Whitman was a part of the Boy Scouts at a young age, joined the United States…

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  • Scorpion Chlorotoxin

    These derivatives were CA4 and CTX-23, these derivatives were used to see what would happen when they were used to treat glioma cells. They derived these peptides from two other peptides which were chlorotoxin and BmKCT 18,19. Then the scientist made the derivatives and through Polymerase chain reaction, they managed to amplify them and put them in a plasmid. Later they became E. coli cells that were purified even further. Later, they used different concentrations of the chlorotoxin derivatives…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Studying Cancer

    the genomic alterations driving the growth of recurrences are distinct from those present in the initial tumor. To explore this hypothesis, our group sequenced the exomes of 23 initial low-grade gliomas and recurrent tumors resected from the same patients [REF]. In 43% of cases, at least half of the mutations in the initial tumor were undetected at recurrence, including driver mutations in TP53, ATRX, SMARCA4, and BRAF. This suggests that recurrent tumors could be derived from cells that…

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  • Cell Phone Radiation Research Paper

    The fact that some tumours are slow-developing prevents some studies from being completely conclusive in linking cell phone radiation to the development of brain tumours and cancers in the users. There is also a lack of evidence when regarding the effect of cell phone use on children as many have not been exposed to cell phone long enough for them to be observed for the consequences of continuous cell phone radiation exposure. The other advantage for cell phone companies is that radio-frequency…

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  • Cell Phone Usage In America

    of frequency equal to one million hertz (Merriam-Webster, Definition of Megahertz, 2016). Radiofrequency: Electromagnetic wave frequencies that lie in the range extending from below 3 kilohertz to about 300 gigahertz. Communication signals (Merriam-Webster, Definition of Radiofrequency, 2016). Epidemiology: Medical science that deals with the destruction, incidence, and control of disease in a population (Merriam-Webster, Definition of Epidemiology, 2016). Tumor: A swollen or distended part…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

    and Cons: Should Marijuana Be Legalized for Medical Purposes?” 1) Medical Marijuana has many purposes such as physical, psychological, and industrial benefits, but the product does have downfalls as well. The pros of legalizing marijuana can range from many varieties. Medical marijuana can help stop chronic pain, glaucoma, nausea, pain, movement disorders, and can also act as a stress-reliever. Patients that suffer from epilepsy can get relief by cannabidiol, a chemical in cannabis, that…

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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones

    cellphone addiction does take a toll on a human being and as well our society. A participant from the survey in the Elon Journal stated that they may have forgotten to interact face-to-face with someone. This shows a level of extreme addiction to the point a person cannot socialize with another. Lastly, cellphones have physical harmful effects. Cellphones have been said to have been able to cause cancer, emit radiation, and take a huge toll on health. An article from the International Agency…

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  • Vindorelbine Research Paper

    1, 8 and 15 whereas Vinorelbine (25mg/m2) was given on day 1, 8 and 28 days after, for 10 cycles if the patient responded to the treatment10. Toxicity and response rate was monitored during this investigation. Complete remission was observed in 3 patients, partial remission in 11 patients and in 8 patients the cancer stayed the same (stable disease)10. The results of the combination study concluded that this regimen is active as a second line treatment however further studies must be done to…

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  • The Role Of ATF3 In Cancer Cell Tumor

    An oncogenic role for ATF3 in breast cancer tumorigenesis in vivo was reported by Wang who generated transgenic mice expressing ATF3 driven by the bovine cytokeratin-5 (BK5) promoter. The BK5.ATF3 mice express ATF3 in the ductal epithelial cells and develop metaplastic lesions in the mammary glands, which progress to malignancy in the biparous animals. iii) Glioma: A recent systematic study identified ATF3 as a tumor suppressor in Bmi1-depleted glioblastoma and demonstrated that the…

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