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  • What Is This Forsaken World Lajoie-O Malley Analysis

    Although she does not work internationally, she is still able to make a difference that affects the whole world because she is aiming to create an environment where we can reduce our ecological footprint and make our habitat greener. She has an optimistic view, that change in ourselves can cause change in others which can result to a change in our world. I understand why she chose to focus her work locally because it is easier to create a movement where you are familiar with its customs. Furthermore, I believe she is an example of a global citizen because she recognizes the problem at hand and makes an active decision to solve the problem. Global citizenship is not limited by a person’s identity but it is defined by a person’s action towards making a difference in an environmental or social injustice. This is because in the end, the issues we encounter does not only affect ourselves, but it is a shared situation that we must all work towards…

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  • Film Techniques In Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane is one of the main movies as to its filmmaking impacts. Director Orson Welles and Cinematographer Gregg Toland were massively inventive in use of camera shots, angles, and lights. Moreover, they utilize the narrative and Dramatic elements in a creative way, describing a story of one individual in many ways. All in all, Citizen Kane opened interesting platform in the filmmaking and techniques. Charles Foster Kane was a man who had everything in his life. But, the one thing he needed…

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  • Orson Welles And Kurosawa's Citizen Kane And The American Dream

    When Citizen Kane was released in 1941, it forever changed the film industry and exposed the world to a great cinematic masterpiece that used the American Dream as a foundation for it’s plot. Nearly a decade later Rashomon was released and displayed the unique aspects of Japanese cinema and the pursuit of the truth. Orson Welles and Akira Kurosawa both had clear visions of what they wanted their films to be; however, the two men took different approaches. Welles demonstrated different filming…

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  • Logical Fallacies In Advertising Essay

    With appealing to authority, advertisers seek to make the potential customer feel equal to those they look up to, such as celebrities or athletes. Having Shaquille O 'Neal connected to a product, such as “Icy Hot” may make a viewer feel that if they also use the product, they can successful in the same way he is. Appeal to authority may also include professions often looked up to by society, such as doctors. Often times phrases such as “9 out of 10 doctors recommend…” are used in advertising, as…

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  • The Importance Of Citizen Science

    Introduction In spite of the nebulousness inherent in determining and measuring expertise, crowdsourcing systems in research and practice that seek to acquire distributed knowledge (e.g. citizen science) indicate a preference for expert contributors. To ensure information quality (IQ), consumers – users of data acquired from such crowdsourcing projects – implement gatekeeping strategies that vary in degree of subtleness and intentionality. These gatekeeping strategies stem from the underlying…

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  • Psycho Fight Scene Analysis

    Pyscho is a very popular film which released on January 12th 1960 in Hong Kong and was directed by the famous Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock had said that one of the reasons why he shot Pyscho as a back-and-white film was because he thought that the murder scene might have been too intense for the audience to watch . So going back to the shower scene, it is one of the most prominent and iconic scenes shot in all cinemas. The scene begins when we can see one of the leading actresses Marion Crane…

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  • Cinematic Techniques In Citizen Kane

    From the man who brought you the radio staging of “War of the Worlds,” comes his first public film “Citizen Kane.” Orson Welles stuns audiences once again with his unprecedented production. However, not all were eager for the release of this movie. William Randolph Hearst, newspaper publishing extraordinaire, was not impressed by the obvious parallels between himself and main character Charles Foster Kane. Despite Hearst’s efforts to keep “Citizen Kane” from the public, it was released on Sept.…

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  • Social Interaction: Social Reaction Of The Three Idiots

    The Three Idiots (2009) is the best film I ever watched in my life. Not only the film that interesting done, but also its contents which interpret many society problems through the story. This essay is written about what messages I have received from this film. Including how those messages related to the development. First of all, the pressure from society and family. There are many scenes which talking and showing the audience about how serious the characters are suffer with their education…

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  • Analysis Of Seven Pounds

    A Pound for a Life: A Review of Seven pounds "The film Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson, is Grant Nieporte's idea after having a chat with a man whom he called "one of the saddest people I've ever met in my life". The film is directed by Gabriele Muccino, known for The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) also starring Will Smith." (IMDB, The movie is one with a strong message and lesson, it leaves the audience wondering what their mission in life is and how life can…

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  • Analysis Of RMS Based Video Song Sequence Reflection From Boollywood Movies

    segmentation, categorization, annotate video data to develop efficient tools for browsing and searching. A successful video classification method helps to reduce the growing amount of cluttered video data on the internet [2]. Proposed approach is RMS based video song sequence extraction using continuity rule from bollywood movies. Hindi language film industry based in Mumbai in India is commonly known as Bollywood. Bollywood produces largest number of films in the world yearly and generates the…

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