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  • Confederate Reconstruction

    What were the different approaches to the Reconstruction of the Confederate states? In 1863, President Lincoln set forth a Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, which allowed the reunification of the rebellious Confederates to the Union if a small portion (10 percent) of them pledged their commitment and loyalty to the Union and more importantly the constitution. Once Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency and adopted similar plans to Lincoln.…

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  • Poem Analysis: Brown's The Ten Commandments

    In the poem, “Romans 12:1,” brown tries to explain to the haters to himself. This happens in the poem in the line that says, “On the whole/ Hurt by me, they will not call me/Brother.” In this there may be some feeling of hatred, directed to another poem that references spiritual verses. In “The Ten Commandments,” the speaker talks about the sins and the sinfulness that he himself. A line in the poem says, “But I could be covetous. I could be a thief.” The speaker in this may be talking about the…

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  • Hershey's Marketing Strategy

    Introduction “From humble to hero” this is this title to the history section of The Hershey’s Company website. It is used to describe both the company, and its founder, Milton S. Hershey. This is primarily because prior to Milton’s discovery and fascination of chocolate, he had tried and failed to start two other candy companies. Thankfully, he didn’t give up though, and the Hershey’s Company was officially founded in 1894 in what is today Hershey’s Pennsylvania (The Hershey Company, n.d…

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  • Mother To Son By Langston Hughes Analysis

    When you write something, what are your goals when you write it? Langston Hughes was one poet that wrote because he had goals in mind. One of his goals was to write was about the time of unfair treatment in the USA. His poems are made to connect the races in this time. One inspiration of why he wrote this poem is because he showing the hard life that many of the African Americans had/have. Whether it be the slave-ship, plantations, reconstruction, or the great migration to the urban north. The…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem For That He Looked Not Upon Her By Gascoigne

    Sometimes an individual’s desires cause them to face internal suffering. The poem “For That He Looked Not upon Her” by sixteenth-century English poet George Gascoigne explores this idea through illustrating the reasoning of why a man cannot look into the eyes of the women he once loved anymore. Gascoigne portrays the man in the poem as being hopeless and unable to unhook himself from the passion he has for the women which mesmerized him. Gascoigne depicts his hopelessness, and rather bleak…

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  • Character Analysis Of Ponyboy From 'The Outsiders'

    The Outsiders Character Analysis I am writing my character analysis about Ponyboy. I will be telling about how Ponyboy acted throughout the story, how he reacted to things, and a summary of his over all personal appearance. Ponyboy is the youngest person in the group of greasers coming in at age fourteen. He lives with his two brothers Darry and Sodapop because his parents died a few years ago in a car crash. He has long brown hair that is always greased and in his face. He is a good kid for…

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  • Analysis Of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas By Hunter S. Thompson

    In 1971, author Hunter S. Thompson published his book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” Not only was Thompson the author of this book, it was actually based on a real-life experience he took with his attorney, Oscar Zeta Acosta. Even though it was originally an assignment by Sports Illustrated to write a 250-word photograph caption on the Mint 400 motorcycle race held in Las Vegas, he ended up turning in 2,500 words, which eventually turned into the 1972 book, which first appeared in the 1971…

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  • Tesla Car Model

    7 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING A TESLA MODEL S The Tesla Model S is a fully electric car created by Tesla Motors. The body structure is chiefly aluminium strengthened with steel in key areas. It is a car you need to buy if you know what you want. The Tesla Model S is not a hybrid, it has no engine but, it is the car that will exactly suit your needs for years to come. The Tesla Model S is unlike anything you've seen before and it has the size, pace and range to compete with any…

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  • Comparison Of Prufrock And Mirror

    Society has expectations of beauty and women and as women age, they change and develop and their beauty changes so it’s not just on the outside. From there, they become into a negative state of mind about themselves because they don 't live up to society 's expectations and aren’t accepted because they are no longer beautiful and young. Plath demonstrates the preternaturally feminine “issue” of losing one’s beauty through aging. Both poems have recognized the human condition with the…

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  • Prufrock Fragmentation Analysis

    The poem was written between 1909 and 1915. It uses the dramatic monologue style, where the readers are only silent listeners. It is tempting to think that the poet , Eliot, is describing his own life through the character of Prufrock but the stark differences between young Eliot ( at the time he wrote the poem) and a balding ,middle-aged Prufrock, negate this assumption. Eliot also used the literary technique of fragmentation, which was popular in his time. The poets of his time used…

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