Poetry Analysis Of Ulysses Tennyson

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Throughout the poem, we see Ulysses’ character building through a first-person introspective of the King’s experience, who reflects on his life. This allows us to understand what he’s thinking and what he would like to do in the future. Despite he’s a powerful king, he is feeling emotionally empty throughout the poem; he feels as people in his kingdom don’t know him. Tennyson shows Ulysses as not just exploring the world but also exploring himself, his emotions, his feelings, and his thoughts. This was only possible if everyone shared their thoughts with one another. By saying “My purpose holds / To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths / Of all the western stars, until I die,” Ulysses illustrates the idea that he seeks to understand life beyond …show more content…
(said by anonymous). This is the opinion of millions of people who had retired or are about to retire. By portraying a character who yearns to sail again despite his old age, Tennyson is contradicting human beings’ idea of having a restful life after retirement. He portrays Ulysses as the old sailor yearning for one more quest before he dies; he’s unwilling to accept the domesticated life despite his old age. By saying “How dull it is to pause, to make an end / To rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use,” Ulysses is telling us how boring it is to rest at home. Then, he tells us that he essentially rusts due to lack of use. Metaphorically, he compares himself to a sword that only shines if it is in use. Furthermore, Ulysses’ speech for his mariner friends shows their will to seek adventure by overcoming what limits age has brought upon them. He is proud of his past adventures, but resting on those adventures is meaningless; he’s impatient for new experiencing and is mourning that he doesn’t seek “something more.” In contrast, individuals in the real world are so excited about their retirement to live a restful life. The idea is that the individuals are confined to certain tasks upon retirement which restricts their knowledge from being enhanced. Tennyson, through the character of Ulysses, is telling us to keep doing “something ere the end, / Some work of noble note” as long as we can do it. This illustrates the idea of working beyond our retirement to do something honorable. He’s encouraging common people to have a thirst for knowledge in their life until they die. Ultimately, Tennyson is telling us to keep exploring ourselves beyond the limits set by the

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