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  • A Person's Mistake Analysis

    “You can’t fix your mistakes.” (O’Brien 39). Mistakes are a common component in life, their purposes is to cause embarrassment and have people learn from it. There are different reasons as to why one makes a mistake, and whether they chose to learn from it. Mistakes can be large and they can be small. In O’Brien’s case, his mistakes are catastrophic to himself. Not only because his mistakes could cost him his life and will cause him to endanger the lives of others. He makes mistakes that put his…

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  • The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir: Analysis

    The Latehomecomer: a Hmong Family Memoir, by Kao Kalia Yang, offers a first-hand account of the trials and tribulations of a family of Hmong, an ethic group from Southeast Asia who are little known by the outside world. The Hmong fought alongside the United States during the Vietnam war, but were left to fend for themselves after the American withdrawal in 1975. In the aftermath, the Hmong saw the devastation of their traditional towns and villages by America’s enemies, among them the Pathet Lao…

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  • Thomas Dooley Biography

    crossing of 600,000 Vietnamese refugees. He was later recognized for this and awarded by the vietnamese government. This mission was called the Passage to Freedom. On the ship he served as a doctor and he also was able to translate a little bit of French. Later he became in charge of the building and maintaining refugee camps in Haiphong. He was in charge of this till 1955 when the city was overrun.(Dooley, Thomas A. The Night) Thomas Dooley would write about his experiences so that people in…

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  • Summary Of The Song 'Ohio'

    A song written by the group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, titled “Ohio,” tells the story of Kent State and embodied the feeling of many of the American Youth. The song has lyrics such as, “Gotta get down to it/Soldiers are cutting us down” and “We’re finally on our own.” The war had finally seemed to reach the home front. All of these events, and others, worked together to build resistance against the Vietnam War in the public’s eye. The Soldiers and What They had to Endure: There is no single…

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  • The Quiet American Novel And Film Analysis

    caused more destruction by becoming involved. It took many Americans till after the damage had been done to notice the truth behind what the Vietnam War turned out to be. The Quiet American novel and film, although may be seen as a movie on the Indochina war, turns out to be a comment on US policy when entering the Vietnam War. Pyle represents the young,…

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  • Rumor Of War Philip Caputo Analysis

    Escalation - On the ground in South Vietnam the outlook remained grim in the final weeks of 1964, as the Vietcong continued to make gains. U.S. officials responded by laying secret plans for an escalation of American involvement. On July 28, Johnson publicly announced a significant troop increase, disclosing that others would follow. By the end of 1965, more than 180,000 U.S. ground troops were in South Vietnam. In 1966 the figure climbed to 385,000. In 1967 alone U.S. warplanes flew 108,000…

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  • The Things They Carried Symbolism Essay

    We see the first chapter of The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien to be the foundation for the rest of the novel, with exquisite descriptions of everyone and everything, to the foreshadowing and symbolism that embodies each character and “what they carry”. O’Brien offers us basic descriptions of what each member of Alpha Company carries that is described as “largely determined by necessity” (2). Some would carry knives, extra rations and what seemed like an overkill of supplies, while others…

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  • Analysis Of Luis Valdez's 'The Buck Private'

    The Vietnam War demonstrates “ The insidious power of propaganda...The longest war this century was a war waged by America against Vietnam... It was an attack on the people of Vietnam, communist and non-communist, by American forces. It was an invasion of their homeland and their lives” ( John Pilger ). Luis Valdez's drama, “ The Buck Private “ explains how the government’s propaganda makes society romanticize war. Valdez supports his argument by illustrating to the audience how society sees…

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  • Graduation Speech: Welcome To The Virtual War Memorial Museum

    Welcome! Welcome to the Virtual War Memorial Museum. Here, you can find stories of veterans from WWII and Vietnam. War often creates traumatic memories that can dramatically change a person’s life, but coming home can be just as tragic as on the battlefield. While WWII soldiers received a hero’s welcome, soldiers from Vietnam weren’t so lucky, being seen as monster in the public eye. Nevertheless, I am grateful for all of the veterans who have served and protected our country, and to those…

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  • Disrence In Homer's Odyssey

    Introduction A veteran comes back from the war in Vietnam. Some people thank him for his services and some people dishonor him for what he did in the war. Veterans go through so much during the war and has to go to a center to help them with their PTSD. Many people treat veterans with disrespect because of what they did during their time in combat. Returning veterans or people get treated with either honor, mental help, or with disrespect but mostly disrespect and mental help. Odysseus has a…

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