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  • Stereotypes In Mean Girls

    restaurants for Instagram purposes and declares herself a connoisseur of international cuisines. She’s vexatious, but you absolutely envy her. Society is Regina George and the hierarchy of Mean Girls has become a reality. Minorities become the freaks and geeks who can only dream of Society…

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  • Cicadas Chirping: A Short Story

    Cicadas chirping. The sweltering heat and the sweetness of the tangerines. Her hands find their way across the ocean of blankets and rest on my feet. “What are you doing, weirdo?” She only grins and shrugs. “I dunno. Your feet smell nice, ya know?” “Ewww!” I’m giggling and I pull my feet away shyly. Cicadas chirping. Chloe’s dad brought over an electric fan from the attic. The current of air keeps the sweat off of my face. “You want to go downstairs? You do know that it’s colder down there,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The World Is A Safe Place

    I remember a time when I was four, playing in the backyard with my sister and dog, carefree because the world is a safe place and nothing could hurt me, except maybe a house fire or a tornado. Not anymore. The world is not what I thought it once was. The world I once knew was full of loving, accepting families and compassionate people. But it is actually full of ignorance, hatred, and bigotry. “The world is a dark, scary place,” I have been told that throughout my life and I refused to believe…

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  • Truth Or Dare By Ema Zagajac

    Truth or Dare by Ema Zagajac 1st hour Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that there is something a lot more terrifying than the Kardashians when they are angry. Death. Most days, I am the only one who rides the bus. Apparently, the bus was “lame” to students at West Shore Preparatory. People seem to cluster in little cliques. I have two objectives while I am here, (1) to stay in the shadows, and (2) graduate and get the hell out of this damn high school and move on with…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Anxiety

    Anxiety in today's world is not uncommon; it is more common that people are diagnosed with it now than ever before.Anxiety can make a person overthink every single thing, makes you leave the things you love behind, becoming freaked out over something for no reason, etc. Anxiety for me feels like I am locked away in a cell that won’t let me experience adventures that I might enjoy; that I know I will enjoy. Instead of enjoying though, I generate a continuous list of all the wrongs that could…

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  • Freedom Of Speech In William Shakespeare's Poem 'Elie Me Dying'

    APOLOGY NOT AN OPTION It was your desire to alienate me, but I prayed and God made me strong enough to stand up to the betrayal and move on without you You never called or tried to apologize for the ugly things you said, for me, even though they were spoken in anger, I have to believe those words were spoken in sincerity, even though you deny their intensity All it would have taken was two simple words, I’m sorry or I apologize, but your arrogance and your ego meant more to you, so you…

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  • Comic Book Synthesis Essay

    Historically, literary themes regarding the LGBTQ community have been omitted from comic books mainly because of censorship regulations and the presumption that storylines that include sexual orientation are not appropriate for children. The social mores of the past caused the exclusion of LGBTQ issues and characters from children’s comic books because the LGBTQ lifestyle was considered immoral. However, in recent years, comic book creators have started to take on the task of representing the…

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  • Covenant I Merrick Study Guide

    Pangea book one: Covenant I Merrick Part 1: The beginning I have never been the best student in class. I’ve never turned in a homework nor my attendance was perfect, but why anything weird or extremely strange does needs to happen to me. Oh sorry, my name is Merrick I'm from the air civilization. Yea, the world is divided into five civilizations. Fire, those cocky bastards never lose a fight, I would not recommend having a contest or some other kind of competition with them. Earth, those…

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