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Freak the Mighty Book vs. Movie
Sean Budomo

The book Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick and the movie made after it, The Mighty, have many similarities and differences that make them unique in their own ways. The plot in both the movie and the book is the same for the most part, except for a few outliers. This story is about two boys who are opposite in how they look, but they are treated the same way. One of the boys’ names is Kevin, or Freak. Freak is made fun of because of his appearance. The other one, Max, is ridiculed because he has a learning disability and that his father is in jail for the murder of his mother. They become close friends because of their issues and that even though they are very different in appearance and in type of ‘disability’ they are still able to establish a close relationship. The book and the movie both have similarities and differences that make both of them alike and distinct in many ways.

Freak the Mighty the book by Rodman Philbrick has many similarities with the movie. One similarity between the two is the way that Freak and Max were still both very close friends. The two of them show that Max and Freak are neighbors. Another way the book and the movie were similar was that
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I feel that the book was more detailed and you could hear Max’s thoughts. When you read a book, you visualize the characters based on the way they are described. I thought Gwen would have longer hair, and Freak would be blond like the book stated. Max and Freak’s friendship also had a better start in the book than in the movie. In the book, they became friends when Max helped Freak retrieve his ornithopter. In the movie, they started their friendship when Max discovered that Freak was his reading tutor. The movie showed Max’s distraught face when he found out the bionic research facility was fraudulent. As you can see, I personally preferred the book to the

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