A Rhetorical Analysis Of Nerds By Leonidman

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Leonid Fridman uses rhetorical strategies to acknowledge nerds in this passage. The main purpose in this essay is to show how most people do not wish to be educated in America. Nerds do not receive the same amount of credit as athletes. The author explains how nerds can become social outcasts. Some students study from five-eight hours a day and are “ashamed to admit, even to their friends how much they study.” The truth is that knowledge can take you so much further in life, then being on the football team at your high school. This passage carries a serious tone.
Eventually, students will graduate and may or may not continue to play that sport again. If you reach the age limit of the sport that you love, you won’t be idolized and the nerds will gain “world-class power.” He uses logos as an analogy of a person biting the head off a live
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He uses exceptional word choice and strong sentence structure. Also, when he says, “It is time to face the prosecutors who haunt the bright kid with thick glasses from kindergarten to the grave,” it applies to pathos due to the excellent word choice. In the end, it will probably be the nerds and geeks that will get recognized for their smartness and discoveries. For the majority, Fridman is analyzing how most Americans have negative views toward intellectuals. Fridman wants students to have a strong desire for education in order to follow their dreams. Finally, Fridman defends nerds in view of the fact that he knows that they have the potential to change the world with their brilliant ideas. Fridman carries a serious tone throughout this passage in order to show the desperate need of brilliance in this world. To conclude, Fridman ends his argumentative passage with rhetorical questions about comparing the United States to other countries. The rhetorical questions, help the passage have a strong

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