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  • Eva Braun: The Wife Of Adolf Hitler

    Eva Braun was the mistress and finally the wife of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was theleader of the Nazi Party and Chancellor of Germany. Subsequently, Eva was Hitler’s wife for a terse juncture. Eva Braun grew up as a middle-class German citizen, altered into a model when she was older; in World War II she was Hitler’s Mistress and later on his Wife. Before Eva had met Hitler, Eva went to a Convict school in Germany but dropped out when she was 17. When Eva dropped out of Convict school; that…

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  • Anne Frank Generosity

    suffers want.” Proverbs 11:24. In “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank, there were people who displayed great selfishness and there were those who displayed generosity. Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl whose family went into hiding during the Holocaust. She wrote in her diary about all the events that went on in the Secret Annex. These events define each individual and show various changes in difficult times. Anne Frank was the girl who wrote the diary, and who was mostly always…

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  • Anne Frank Family Analysis

    Intro Paragraph Anne Frank and her family have been through a lot in the years of War World Two. From the year they started hiding 1942 to the year they got captured and caught in 1944. She and her family have hidden for over two years inside of an attic in a business building called the ¨Secret Annex¨. They couldn't go outside, the couldn't even experience life as meant for because of the consequences of being found.The Frank family had no medical attention, barely enough food to feed…

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  • Bergen-Belsen By Anne Frank Analysis

    "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart" (Goodrich and Hackett 512). Anne Frank said this before being taken away to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Throughout Anne’s diary, she constantly writes about the positive aspects of her situation and of the people around her. Despite having faced tons of prejudice and discrimination, Anne kept a positive attitude which helped her cope with her emotions. Optimism is the key to dealing with conflict. Many…

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  • A Book That Shaped Me: Remember Me

    A Book that Shaped Me: Remember Me by Irene N. Watts Remember Me is about a girl named Marianne who is Jewish and is living at the time of the Holocaust (1939-1945). Marianne has to leave her parents and go with other children on a train called Kindertransport (Kindertransport were trains that brought Jewish children to safety in Britain during the Holocaust). When she gets to Britain, she has to go and live with a stranger named Mrs. Abercrombie Jones. Strangely, Mrs. Abercrombie Jones acts…

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  • Frank Sinatra Research Paper

    domination and immense stardom came violently crashing down before the eyes of the remarkable Frank Sinatra. While walking through Times Square one cold day in February of 1951 he spotted the name of a new male singer, Eddie Fisher, on the sign of the Paramount Theatre. Only seven years ago, Frank had drawn thousands of obsessed female fans to watch him perform; the same girls were obsessing over Fisher, which Frank could not handle. He rushed back to where he was staying, made sure he shut the…

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  • Dearest Kitty: The Diary Of Anne Frank

    “Dearest Kitty. . .” the diary entry that began it all, the horrendous pain, yet undetailed historical diary that told the unwritten past. The diary of a young girl who was in hiding from the Nazis; the diary of Anne Frank. Her diary tells the historical past about the event named the Holocaust. In the Holocaust many Jewish people went into hiding, though more, though more than half of the were captured. Anne Frank’s diary follows her experiences and consequences, while being in hiding. Her…

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  • The Influence Of Will Smith In Pop Culture

    Since the late 80’s, Will Smith has been a quality figure in pop culture. Mostly known for his charm and famous role as the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, the West Philadelphia native has managed to create a deep impact through acting in Hollywood by smashing box office ticket sales. But of course, every actor has his or her fair share of box office fails, including Will. Movies like “Wild Wild West” and “After Earth” had sketchy landings when they hit theaters. Fortunately, Smith has had plenty of…

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  • Strain Theory In Catch Me If You Can

    Catch Me If You Can follows the young con artist called Frank William Abagnale Jr., as he escapes the misery of his parents’ divorce. From being a pilot to a lawyer to a doctor, Frank did this all before he was even 19, employing the tactics that he learned from his father. Frank is continually pursued by an FBI agent called Carl Handratty. Frank is also picked on at his new school for dressing up, which leads him to his first impersonation: a substitute teacher. When his parents are informed,…

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  • Houellebecq's 'The Map And The Territory'

    The Map and the Territory Michel Houellebecq Date of publication: 2010 Publisher: Vintage Duration: 291 pages Winner of the 2010 Prix Goncourt - - - Observing the world of art and celebrity under the Houellebecq microscope - the result is: 'The Map and the Territory'; a collaborative journey of the world of quirks, ills and utter nonchalance through the eyes of artist Jed Martin. Not forgetting the inflated fortunes and the weariness of reinvention and the cuckoo need to make sense of visual…

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