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  • How Did Spain Win The Spanish Armada

    to invade England. England at that time was protestant and Philip II, who was a devoted Catholic, felt that it was his duty to bring England back to Roman Catholic. When Queen Elizabeth I of England refused to punish her “sea dogs” including Sir Francis Drake for attacking Spanish ships, Philip finally sent out the Armada, made up of 130 ships and 2500 guns. Spain was undoubtedly the greatest power at that time and compared to England, which was a comparatively small and weak nation, Spain…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie 'Blood Brothers In The Film Gattaca'

    In the film Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol the key relationship between the brothers helped the viewer to understand the important idea. In the world of Gattaca, the society is divided into two classes of people – the genetically enhanced Valids and the naturally conceived Invalids. Through the brother’s relationship, Vincent as a faith born child as opposed to Anton as a genetically engineered child, the viewer is shown the idea of a Valid and an Invalid. Vincent and Anton are living in a…

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  • Dinesh D 'Souza's Essay Staying Human'

    Enhancing Society at a Cost In recent years, scientists developed genetic engineering in animals. Gene modification enhances animals by increasing fertility, and allows the possibility of cloning. However, cloning and designing animals leads to the application of genetic modification in humans. In Dinesh D’Souza’s essay, “Staying Human,” he reveals the positive and negative effects of genetic engineering, but he affirms the unethical application of genetic engineering. Because of this…

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  • Sir Francis Drake Accomplishments

    Sir Francis Drake: Professional Pirate Thesis: Sir Francis Drake was a successful man who was willing to do anything to accomplish his goals. Drake’s Occupations 1560s slave voyages to Africa 1570-1573 pirated Spanish settlements in the Caribbean 1580 received privateer license from Queen Elizabeth 1581-1585 mayor of plymouth colony 1585-1588 chief naval advisor during the war against Spain Drake’s inspiration for choosing a career of privateering 1567 attacked at San Juan de Ulua by the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Designer Babies

    Human culture has a constant drive for perfection in all aspects of life. People are determined to achieve the best jobs, the best homes and the best form of “living”. Even if all those things are well achieved, humans are driven to strive for more. There seems to be no point where this controlling behavior will get to a stopping point. Recently, technological advancements in medical sciences have allowed potential parents to genetically “play” with preferred traits in an unborn baby. Parents…

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  • Gattaca Genetic Manipulation

    n the near future, people will be able to genetically modify their child’s genes to have the best chance for ideal DNA. At least, that’s what Gattaca is saying. Made in 1997, this film focuses on Vincent, whom was born naturally, without his genes being modified. HIs natural birth causes discrimination towards him and prevents him from working at Gattaca, a space program. He takes Jerome’s identity, who is a nearly perfect genetically modified person. Jerome had an accident, leaving him…

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  • Why Did Spain Win The Armada Analysis

    attacked by the English off of a French commune, called Gravelines. After the English won the battle, they followed to Spanish as they retreated to Scotland, until they had to turn back to get supplies. The Armada sent by Spain was defeated by Sir Francis Drake and Lord Charles Howard, whom the Queen hired for they were the best. They were victorious after eight whole hours of ruthless fighting, and then the wind changed. This moved the Spanish back, and the little bits of the Armada were sent…

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  • Nicolas Staropoli Analysis

    Nicholas Staropoli is the associate director of the Genetic Literacy Project. He has a Master of Arts in biology from DePaul University and has a Bachelors of Science degree in biomedical science from Marist College. The article, “With Global Gene Editing Slowing Down, What’s the Future of ‘Designer Babies?,’” states that not enough research has been done to safely edit the genes of human embryos. While scientists have an idea about which genes control certain traits such as body type, many…

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  • My Sclerosis Personal Statement

    This intellectual stimulation, coupled with a desire to discover more about life’s mysteries, compels me to pursue a career in scientifc research. This summer, I worked in a cardiology laboratory at UCLA, looking at proteins associated with HDL to understand how atherosclerosis can be averted. After some experiments provided questionable results, I was given the task of confrming that the viruses we were working with had been packaged and identifed correctly. I spent weeks running DNA gels,…

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  • Historical Accuracy In The Patriot

    The main character, Benjamin Martin, was portraying Francis Marion during that time period. Throughout the movie Benjamin is portrayed as a family man with strong morals and regret for his actions during the French and Indian War. When in actuality, Francis Marion was known for his love for killing Indians and he also enjoyed raping his slaves as well. This misrepresentation greatly changes the outlook…

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