'The Analysis Of Poverty And Joy'

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In our world today, we no longer hold control over the way our mind is developed. At a young age, society began to formulate a way to influence our beliefs. The same beliefs that are suppose to be reserved to ourselves have been inevitable intervened with through the things we see on screens and our daily routines. As time has passed, we haven't been told that being different is okay. We haven't been told that being imperfect is okay. We no longer develop our own beliefs but have been limited through what society says is acceptable and unacceptable. We have been bruised and beaten by the members of this society who've taken their own perspectives and forced them on us by saying "You have to be perfect to be happy" or "buying this project will help you live life better which will make you happy." They also say "be successful because success brings material things which will ultimately make you happy." We don't run off our own individuality. We run off what we think we are suppose to be. I will claim that worldly desires distort our perspective and that God is the only thing that can fill the void in …show more content…
The article, written by William J. Short, tells the story of two important figures in Christian history: Saint Francis and Clare of Assisi. Francis began living his life in a way no other Christians imagined living. He willingly sacrificed all his belongings to live in poverty, not because he believed belongings were the root of all evil but because he knew he could still find happiness in poverty. Clare of Assisi found Francis' way of life moving and decided to also dedicate her life to poverty. "Clare and her community preached the gospel by their living example of poverty and peaceful unity," (Short, 23) wrote Short while describing the type of life she

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