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  • Summary: CRISPR

    In the world of engineering, the fairly new technology CRISPR lives up to its potential. CRISPR is a technology used to scan the patient 's genetic code and search for genetic diseases, it then “erases” the bad gene and replaces it with a neutral one. With this process we can eliminate many deadly genetic diseases such as Alzheimer 's, Diseases that causes the carrier to become blind, and some forms of cancer. Francisco Mojica discovered the gene editing tool in 1993. Although Mojica was the…

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  • Sphere Of Influence: Queen Elizabeth I Of England

    Sphere of Influence When Elizabeth 1 became queen of England, she understood the importance of controlling the way she was portrayed. With this control in her hands. Elizabeth created a mythical image of herself that subjects embraced also glorified. Elizabeth wasn’t just the queen, she was a great artist, but more importantly, her strong personality influenced along with inspired the arts, including the culture of England to reach new heights. Elizabeth became the Imperial Votaress in the…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

    GATTACA, a movie directed by Andrew Niccol and the main characters are Vincent Freeman and Jerome Morrow, is the world that is run by DNA tests. If someone doesn’t have the correct sequence of DNA format, then they are restricted to what they can do in the workforce. Vincent falsifies his DNA and changes his identity with Jerome, who has perfect DNA to get into an astronomic organization that sends astronauts into outer space. Taking a sperm cell from a male and an egg cell from a female, and…

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  • Genetic Engineering In A Nutshell

    In class students were asked to examine genetic engineering and develop their own opinion about the controversial topic based on the video shown in class. The video that we watched was Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever- Crisper in a Nutshell. I learned a lot about genetic engineering through the film. I discovered that Crisper was excelling the process of genetic engineering that already existed. Throughout the film I began to develop my opinions about the use of genetic…

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  • Four Idols Of The Tribe

    Four Idols Sir Francis Bacon divided the flaws of human thinking and understanding into four parts. These parts are in order of Idols of the Tribe, Idols of the Cave, Idols of the Market-place, and Idols of the Theatre. Each idol represents a separate fault in the way we perceive occurrences in the natural world and attempt to find a solid, unbiased, fact based, conclusion to the reasons behind the occurrences. These Idols, some more than others, inhibit one’s ability to have a clear way of…

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  • Ethical Issues In Biomedical Research

    The first time that I was exposed to genetic engineering was when I was a rising junior in college and attended a summer Biomedical Sciences program hosted by the University of Maryland. We learned about many aspects of genetics in the Biomedical research field and that immediately piqued my interest. I was further exposed to genetics, the act of gene splicing, and altering genomes in a lab when we first hand inserted a plasmid from an organism into a bacteria causing the activity and…

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  • Frederick Sanger's Work In Biology

    Frederick Sanger was a very important scientist, considered one of the most important biochemists of all time. Born on August 13, 1918, in Rendcombe, England, ( Frederick Sanger was born the son of Frederick and Cecile Sanger. He studied at the University of Cambridge, and after graduating, continued his scientific research there, working there since 1940. After working for many years at Cambridge and earning numerous awards, he died November 13, 2013 due to natural…

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  • Genetic Engineering Depicted In The Film 'Gattaca'

    What would you do if you were able to “design” your child. Genetically modifying them to become the most perfect human being. Slowly maneuvering its way into our society, genetic engineering to modify the characteristics of humans prior to birth has surfaced in the past years. Genetic Engineering is the manipulation of genetic material to modify the characteristics of an organism. In the film Gattaca, we are introduced the concept of “human perfection”, where society controls the genes their…

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  • Genetic Modification In Children

    Approximately 3 million children have been injured and/or broke several bones that could have been fixed easily if technology was advanced enough. For example, children who have broken their bones could rapidly heal their injuries and get back to being active again. One possible way of achieving this feat is genetic modification. Genetic modification allows the total control of DNA which results in varying mutations that could prevent any undesirable traits appearing in children. This…

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  • Theme Of Revenge In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    As Sir Francis Bacon once said, "A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well." The quotation above proves Sir Francis Bacon’s beliefs that if one is constantly fixated on achieving revenge, it will never heal your own pain and misery. Human misery often creates sadness and leaves one stranded…

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