Financial statement analysis

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  • Why Is Bernard Madoff Successful

    Bernard Madoff was clever and successful in his efforts to woo some of the wealthiest and most intelligent clients, by gaining the trust of his clients. Successfully, Madoff gained prestige and credibility as he served on charitable boards and held a seat on the government advisory board on stock market regulation. Interestingly, as Madoff’s prestige and credibility continued to grow, he promised a continuous return of 10 to12 percent on investments. As a result, investors were eager to become a…

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  • 7 Habits Analysis

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey introduces a set of principles for individuals to live purposeful in his or her personal and professional life. This paper will highlight my results of the Seven Habits Profile; provide an analysis of my personal leadership strengths and weaknesses using situational leadership theory, provide recommendations, SMART goals, and specific actions. Reflection: Seven Habits Profile Emotional Bank Account According to Dr. Stephen Covey (n.d.), we…

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  • Ethics In Accounting

    ensure the accuracy and reliable financial information to be presented to public. In brief, professional accountants should always observe his ethical behavior when conducting professional…

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  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

    increased transparency in financial matters of the company • eradicating analysts’ conflicts of interests, and • Demanding more accountability from corporate official 3.3 Auditor’s incentives and Independence Many of the weaknesses, that were not discovered prior the Enron bankruptcy, in auditing the company’s financial statements were pointed out after Enron scandal. According to Ribstein and Larry (2002, p. 5) the major issues that caused the auditing of Enron financial statements not to…

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  • China Aviation Oil Case Study

    amounted to the total derivative losses to US$550 million. However, these losses have been covered up by manipulating the figures using the wrong assessment method by taking the intrinsic value as the fair value of the derivative on the company’s financial statements. In other words, they are ignoring the maturity, volatility, interest rates that are taken into consideration when calculating fair value amount to present an unrealistic figures to the public and the shareholders. To make matter…

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  • Case Analysis: Tactics Of The Pacific Oil Company

    In 1979, the Pacific Oil Company began its relationship with the Reliant Corporation, an association of immense consequence for both organizations. Lewicki chronicled this case in Lewicki, Saunders, and Barry (2010, pp. 582-609). Two multinational industrial giants, these companies had much to gain through a contract for the sale of vinyl chloride monomer from the Pacific Oil Company (or simply Pacific) to the Reliant Corporation (or simply Reliant). When representatives from the companies went…

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  • Case Study Of Peter Smith Micromanaging Keith Schmidt

    Smith was not trying to micromanage Keith Schmidt. Conflict accrued due to Smith’s desire for his power as a chairman to be recognized and taken into consideration, rather than control Schmidt’s work. Since parties had different viewpoints on the financial abilities of the museum and the rate it should grow, they failed to cooperate to reach the results that satisfy the interests of both sides. 2. What type of conflict are they experiencing? Smith and Schmidt experiencing power conflict that is…

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  • Back Office Manager Case Study

    Optimize procedures It continuously monitors the proper arrangements for service. The implementation of dashboards helps manage activity. He oversees the processing of transactions, organizes and ensures the capture, control, settlement, delivery and financial recording of negotiations of securities made by the front office. He's the sort who takes care to integrate in the accounting books all these complex operations. As a manager, he watches over a team of accounting records relating to…

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  • Nikkei 225 Case Study

    organization give a stage to trade the Nikkei 225 Futures. for Nikkei 22 Future it help the Japanese economic development growth a strong and solid, Nikkei 225 Futures additionally turn into the most traded index future in 1990, besides that Japanese financial drop make a major loss to Nikkei 225 Futures in year 1993. The Nikkie 225 Futures is a cost weight index, which implies awful news from terrible organization will specifically influence the performance of the Nikkei…

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  • Donna Hogan Fraud Case Summary

    Donna Hogan, store manager of a shoe store, pleaded guilty to charges of stealing $71,128 cash from the business. This amount was accumulated from over 697 transactions over a period of 2.5 years. Hogan managed to use false refunds and receipts from shoes that were still in the store. She would then take the funds from the till where she spent it mostly on clothes. According to her psychiatrist, this was motivated by “depression and emotional disconnection”, however, the prosecutor argued it was…

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