Jim Snelling's Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Ethics Case Study
LP5.1 Assignment
Duman Yerkhanat
September 18, 2017

Important Facts that surrounds the case study
Ethical issues are what is surrounding the case study. There are some ethical issues that are arising which causes Jim to face the Ethical committee. Jim Snelling is involved in a $100 contract that surrounds him with ethical issues. He does not get permission consent from the competitor before using the price list of the Electro Source Company to decide the best bid. He faces results by the Ethical Committee of the “Sparcoa” Company. He also gets unrecommendable the workers from the competitor’s company which results to resentments and problems with training as well as payment of salaries. These makes the organization
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Holding Jim Snelling responsible for his unethical behavior. That would clear the bad reputation of the company at large and concentrate the blame on one person hence wining the client and competitor’s favor
Contracts and Procurements Code of Ethics
The code deals with all the contract processes that an organization does. Jim’s case involves violation of this ethical principle by using the competitor’s price list to bid. Also, Jim does not include a fair procurement contract amount. He does not account for all the charges that would be incurred to fulfil the contract. He seems to be blinded by the huge amount of the contract and made the contract before it was discovered by the sales team manager that the margin was thin and the contract would lead to a negative expenditure with minimal or no profit after the contract would be completed.
He violates the requirement of this code which requires granting of equal and fair considerations of competitive suppliers. That is exhibited by the fact that Jim uses the pricing list of the competitors’ previous contract to undercut the contract bid and hence ‘deny’ the ElectroSource the opportunity for the contract since the bid was lower than what ElectroSource company
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I would make changes so that the employees are satisfied and the resentment ends peacefully. It is not ethical to ignore resentment without explanation. Most importantly, I wouldn’t have employed the EctroSource former employees without assessing the consequences. Jim seemed to have ignored the consequence of that action of new employees from the competitors’ company and rather focused on the growth of the company through new energy brought from these employees. He wouldn’t have faced the resentment latter after the employment

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