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  • Physical Abuse Case Study

    Oftentimes, testimony from an expert on the syndrome is often excluded from trial, however, by a judge that acknowledges the “scientific validity of [battered woman syndrome], and a concern that expert testimony unfairly bolsters the credibility of the alleged victim.” (Costanzo & Krauss,…

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  • Forensic Psychologist Limitations

    findings of this study might not be generalizable because the study was demographically restricted. Another limitation of this study is that the conceptualization of confidence included both verbal and nonverbal behaviors (Cramer et al., 2011). Although the age range of the participants of this study was broad and their ethnic backgrounds were not very diverse, the participant pool did contain Hispanic, African American, and five participants identifying as other ethnicities. For future…

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  • Dalla's Defense Theory

    In order to answer this question, the expert witness needs to inform the jury of the reasonableness of Darla’s perception of danger (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009). For example, when a woman with BWS attacks her victim in his or her sleep, it signifies that even when her batterer is sleeping, she is still afraid for her life. Fulero and Wrightsman (2009) explain that the expert witness’s testimony may “demonstrate how repeated physical abuse can heighten a battered…

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  • Expert Witness Testimonies

    Expert witness testimonies must be scientific, technical, and specifically relevant that will acknowledge the trier of fact to define evidence and determine the fact of the issue. Evidence obtained by expert witness’s must be based off of sufficient facts produced by applicable, reliable, principles and methods. In response to Daubert v. Merrill Daw Pharmaceuticals ( 509 U.S. 579 (1993), and other cases applying the Daubert standard. Under the Daubert standard the expert’s theory must be…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Prison Counselor

    The top three jobs I chose to research include Forensic Psychologist, Criminalist, and Correctional Counselor. I decided to pick these three since they were on my list of job interests and they seemed interesting enough. Although, surprisingly enough, it was mildly difficult to choose only three. A main problem throughout the world, especially in heavily populated places, is crime. No matter how much people might wish for the planet to be nonviolent and harmonious, crime will not stop or…

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  • The Importance Of Counseling In The Army

    was just beginning to learn. It was exciting, seeing all of your effort and hard work transform from a plan on paper to something that worked on the ground. The whole time I was transforming from the soldier with some knowledge to the subject matter expert that everyone came to when they had questions. We completed the training event with minimal complications, most of them I was ready to solve on my…

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  • Suggested Headline: Are Your Cemetery Trees Safety Risk?

    ensure the safety of your trees and guests. “Without routine inspections, your cemetery visitors and guests are in danger. Large tree limbs or even the entire tree can fail and fall,” shared Brian Borkowicz, a regional sales director at The Davey Tree Expert Company. “The other risk of neglected trees…

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  • POS 543

    The purpose of this paper is to summarize, assess, and synthesize eleven chapters across two primary texts listed as the required reading for the second week of POS 543. First, I’ll identify some of the central themes discussed across the readings. Second, I will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the various contributions to the literature on organizational theory relative to the major schools of thought. The required reading for week two offered a glimpse of the classic theories…

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  • Case Study Woburn Toxic Trial

    brought to the courtroom. The case study of the “Woburn Toxic Trial” will be referenced in this analysis to highlight the types of conflicts that can come about when science is debated in a legal scenario. The analysis will highlight the role that an “expert witness” plays in such a scenario, in particular a hydrologist. These guidelines were set by Michael Brown upon request of this analysis. The “Woburn Toxic Trial” was initiated by several families who lived in Woburn, Massachusetts and that…

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  • What Is Pluto?

    Pluto, the most puzzling world in the solar system, is the second largest dwarf planet made of ice and rock. It is 5.9 billion km from the Sun; it has the width of North America. It is a very cold place with minimum temperature of -370 degree Fahrenheit on the surface. One year on Pluto is equal to 248 Earth’s years; it takes a very long time to orbit the Sun. In addition, a day in Pluto lasts 6 Earth’s day. Pluto is a world that stands with light and shade, what causes this contrast may be that…

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